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The return to school is eight days away and we are counting down! Well I definitely am. I have bought the requisite scientific calculator, descant recorder and eleventy billion coloured pencils and, more importantly, I have spent A LOT on Dexter’s new school uniform as he is off to senior school.


There were a few items that were bespoke for his new school and I had to order those from one specific shop (hence the price tag) but I have managed to get things like shirts, trousers, shoes and underwear from Asda and Clarks. Phew!


We really are starting a new chapter chez Sutton. There are no more school runs for me as Dexter’s new school is literally round the corner from our new house, so that’s really going to free up some time for me. Senior school brings its own set of new opportunities and challenges so that’s something to look forward to and worry about in equal measures, and overall I’m just really excited for him!


Because wearing a blazer and tie is a new experience for him, I thought it might be fun to see what type of clothes he would choose if he was in charge of buying his school uniform. Bearing in mind Dexter is sports mad, his first answer wasn’t a surprise: “Chelsea kit please.” I explained that wasn’t quite within one’s budget and so instead we just looked through the George at Asda site and chose his favourite pieces from there.


And this is what he came up with!


george asda


  1. Marl panel T shirt
  2. Slim fit jogging bottom
  3. Sporty utility rucksack
  4. Marl hoody
  5. Hooded sports jacket
  6. Canvas trainer


So you can see there’s a bit of a sporty theme going on but I think he’s chosen well. So well in fact, I’ve actually ordered some of these items already! However, because he’s a really big boy for his age, I’ve had to resort to buying men’s shoes because he’s now a size 9.


Dexter going to senior school brings back lots of wonderful memories because I went to that school. As did the young man that measured him for new school shoes! I think I bored the poor bloke senseless reminiscing about old times, but I had such a great time at school and really hope Dexter does too. He’s quite nervous about it all though and because we were on holiday, he missed out on a taster day the school put on. But we never had them growing up and I turned out OK!


How are my fellow parent readers feeling about their kids going back to school? Are you all organised or are you doing everything in the last week?


kate sutton


* This post was brought to you in collaboration with George at Asda.


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