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After giving you this update about the new house, we are now two weeks further on and I felt it was time to officially celebrate by throwing a small, yet perfectly formed, housewarming party.


I held it on Sunday just gone but the weather had been very variable all week so it was touch and go whether it would stay dry or not. Thankfully, we were blessed with grey clouds and no rain, which is probably as good as it gets for an English summer.


I only invited a dozen or so friends and family round for a casual BBQ and drinks, but felt that I was pretty organised with everything. I had started buying all the alcohol the week before, storing it away from my 20 year old son he would be attending the festival that weekend – although I’m not sure he’s a fan of fruity cider and Prosecco!


You could spend an absolute fortune on food and drink for a BBQ couldn’t you, so I decided to keep at least the food simple by just buying burgers, sausages, rolls and salad. I did have a trick up my sleeve for dessert though (more of that later.) Plus I’d also had to buy a new patio table and chairs, so money was pretty tight. It did look lovely though!


new patio set


I lost my small BBQ in transit from my old house though so I had to buy a new one. It wasn’t a big deal because I want to buy a bigger one anyway so did lots of research and chose one from Tescos online. I ended up spending my Saturday night putting the dam, thing together, only to find out at the end that they had sent two left-hand side panels instead of one left one right. Not Tesco’s fault, it came from the manufacturer direct, but still a massive ball ache. So instead of spending the morning of the party getting everything prepared, I had to dash out to buy a replacement barbecue and spent the whole morning putting the dam thing together. Luckily, my best friend came to my rescue and help me out (and we still couldn’t work out how to put the wheels on so ended up propping it up on a random roof tile), But at least I had something to cook on. We finished it just as my first guests arrived!


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I’ve just realised how incredibly boring that new BBQ story was. Sorry bout that.


Anyway, onto the alcohol! I had been sent a couple of bottles of Aperol and a ‘kit’ to make an Aperol Spritz (or 5) with, which included a bottle of soda water, two glasses and a rogue orange that I had to replace with a fresh lemon. I’ve never had Aperol before, (it’s an Italian aperitif don’tchaknow), and is supposed to taste of bitter oranges, rhubarb and something else. It’s bright orange and looks like Tizer mind you. You mix it with Prosecco, soda water and orange or lemon slices but I wasn’t sure if I’d like it to be honest. Now I’m not just saying this because the Aperol guys sent it to me, but it was absolutely delicious! Quite bitter, so I think if you like bitter drinks like gin, you would love this. I should warn you that it also got me rather tipsy – my new favourite drink I think!


Aperol spritz


All of the kids rushed off to Dexter’s bedroom to play on the Xbox as soon as they arrived, as is the norm, but they soon came back when I told them the food was ready. Oh, and what did I do for dessert? Put a massive marshmallow in between two chocolate biscuits, wrapped it in tinfoil and stuck it on the BBQ. You just turn it over a few times and voilà, as Smores type thing. It went down very well anyway, with the adults as well as the kids.


We spent the next seven hours just chatting, chilling, drinking and enjoying what seems to be the last of the summer. I live in such a quiet area that I was very conscious about making too much noise but no-one seemed to mind!


I remembering taking a moment to thank everyone for coming round and proposed a toast to the new house. Oh, and us. The house isn’t perfect, but it’s mine, well it least it’s mine for now, and it felt good to finally mark the occasion after months and months of upset and turmoil. I don’t know how long we will be here. I don’t know how many changes I am allowed to make to the house. But right now, life is good.


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