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We have been in our new house for approximately fifteen days, one hour and 12 minutes. Not that I’m counting. Suffice to say, I am absolutely delighted to have my own space back. It’s amazing how much I have taken having my own place for granted over the years but I don’t think I ever will again! I spent four long LONG months at Dad’s and hope I never have to do that again. (Love him obviously, but you know what I mean.)




Because this is a rented house, there are limits as to how much we can make this our own home, and even though we’ve only been here for two weeks, we feel we’ve made some positive changes already. The swirly pink carpet is a bit of an issue, but I’ve bought a couple of rugs that break the pinkness up a bit. In an ideal world, I would plump for something neutral, but soft under the feet. I’m not a fan of laminate floors, so for now I’m making do with a fluffy grey rug for the lounge area which matches the sofa, and a beige one to go into the dining room underneath the dining room table. I don’t know if I would be allowed to replace the carpet in the house, but I know I can’t afford it at the moment anyway, so I’m just having to make the best of what we have for now.




All of my worldly possessions are now out of storage and it feels so good to have all my little bits and pieces around me again. I’m not a materialistic person, but I’ve missed my framed photos, my cushions and throws, my scented candles and everything that made my house feel like a home.


att pynta candle holder

This copper candle holder is from Att Pynta

This is a great house, dated decor aside. It’s bright and airy, has a great feel about the place and we’ve settled in a lot more quickly here than we did in the last rented house, which felt a little bit like a show home. This house feels like home already. The kitchen is small but I’ve managed to get all of my wine glasses in so I’m happy! I’ve bought a new fridge freezer and washing machine because we didn’t need them in the last house – both are made by Bosch and I’ve been really impressed with how great they are. I never thought I’d be that person to get excited over a 15-minute wash cycle, but I clearly am!


moving house


We had a bit of a debate about the bedrooms because I have Ben, my eldest, home with me for a gap year and it seemed unfair on Dexter to put Dexter in the box room when he’d been promised it. But we seem to have moved on from that ‘discussion’ and Ben is now happy in his own space. Yes, he is in a single bed aged 20, but he has everything he needs in there and I think he’s just grateful that he’s got somewhere to live. Plus, there’s always food in the fridge so he’s quite happy. As for Dexter’s room, it’s nearly as big as my room and we have now fitted both my room and Dexter’s with ALL the furniture from IKEA. In many ways, I’ve had to start from scratch. I had to buy wardrobes, drawers, desks for both bedrooms, and even though it’s only IKEA, it hasn’t come cheap. But if it means that I don’t have to see another pair of his dirty socks on the floor, it’s worth it! There is a place for everything now, even his Xbox and TV have their own TV unit, and the plan is that he can now keep his room tidy.


Well that’s the plan anyway.


ikea delivery


As for my room? Thankfully, the carpets and walls are quite plain, and even though most of my beauty products, jewellery etc. are still in bin liners, all of my clothes are now hung up or put away … and you can’t imagine how relieved I am. We had only intended to live with Dad for three weeks, so I left everything in holdalls or bags. We ended up living there for four months!


I treated myself to a copper lampshade I had had my eye on in Sainsburys for months, and it finally got reduced slightly in the sale so I felt justified to snap it up. It’s rather impractical because it’s not actually shading any light at all, but boy is it pretty!


copper lampshade


The garden is lovely although I haven’t had a chance to cut the grass yet, but I’m looking forward to getting out there once I get back from holiday. It’s quite overlooked so I think the topless sunbathing will have to be put on hold. Bad times. I’m going to have a housewarming party in August and I’m thinking of getting some hanging baskets and flowerpots for the garden so that I can pretty it up a bit, so will report back on that.


So that’s it in a nutshell really. We are in. We are settled. And more importantly, we are really happy.


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  1. We’ve got a similar situation to you. What was supposed to be a temporary 6 week move has now been 2 1/2 years.

    I miss having my belongs around me as we just don’t gave the space but know there will eventually be a permanent move.

    I just love that copper lampshade and may have to stalk my local Sainsburys for me.

    Hope you are all settled soon.

  2. Kate, it looks wonderful. Se pleased to hear that you are settling in so well. And I can’t wait for more photos. Will there be Ikea flat-pack erection stories too 😉 xx

  3. It’s such a work in progress, isn’t it? I thought I’d never finish decorating and building all the furniture, but I’m super happy now and you’ll get there too in no time. Love the cushions btw, totally up my street!

  4. Congratulations in getting settled in your new home!
    To me, it felt like you were at your dad’s for a lot longer than 4 months.
    I’m sure your dad is very nice but it’s great that you are moved again now as your own space is so important. Happy new home xx

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