I have a couple of announcements to make this week. The first one is that Corsica is absolutely amazing and I never wanted to come home. But the second announcement is a really exciting one. For me I mean … you guys, not so much.


(Also, further down, there are details of a competition being run by The Natural Curtain Company that I want to tell you about, so stay tuned for that.)


Anyway, you may remember me writing about how we lost our last (rented) house and how disappointed I was. Well it took me a lot longer to get over it than I thought. I mean I know it was just a house, but I had really built my hopes up that we would move out of Dads’ and get settled again. To be honest, I’m still pretty hacked off about the whole thing but, as per usual, I’ve tried to channel that negative energy into something positive. Which I’ve managed to do because … we move into our new house next Monday!


Huzzah! (And phew!)


You cannot begin to imagine the sheer relief all round that we’ve got somewhere to move to. It’s a lovely three bedroomed semi-detached house in a town not far from where I live now. The location is perfect because it’s really near to the school Dexter will be going to in September, walking distance to a big supermarket and really near all major transport links … but it’s also in a quiet cul-de-sac full of old people, who will hopefully be my lookouts so we never get burgled!


Granted, it’s a little old-fashioned, but it’s light and airy and has a good feel about it. I’ll have Ben home for a year so we’ll all have to get used to this different living arrangement again, but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I hope that once we’re settled, I can talk to the landlady about making a few minor cosmetic changes, but it’s fine for now. I just want somewhere I can call home again.


Because this is a rented house, I can’t make major changes to it but hopefully I’ll be able to change things like the curtains for example … and the first room I’ll definitely be changing is Dexter’s room. The Natural Curtain Company got in touch with me recently and asked if I’d like to talk about their latest competition, and I thought the timing was perfect.


I am ALL about the blackout curtains for Dexter’s room. There is nothing worse than your child waking you up at 6am because the sunshine is too bright. Trust me, this happened in Corsica for the first three mornings, before I realised that there are actually shutters on the patio doors (doh!) and once I pulled them shut we had lie-ins every morning!


Anyway, back to The Natural Curtain Company. They are running a #CurtainCreative competition and it’s super easy to enter. All you need to do is send in a children’s curtain design, which will then be voted on and judged … and the winning design will go into production for real! (So it could be in homes across the nation! How cool would that be?)



  1. SUBMIT your fabric design and details.
  2. SHARE your entry with your friends on Facebook.
  3. GET FRIENDS TO VOTE for you – (you can even vote for your own design!)

The winning design will be chosen by a mix of vote count and The Natural Curtain Company’s favourite. Votes alone will not choose the winning design.

The contest closes at 12pm on Friday 17th July 2015.



  • AND 20% of total sales revenue from sales of your design (revenue made on fabric with your design on it.)
  • PLUS 10% discount for ALL ENTRANTS to spend at The Natural Curtain Company online.


So get your creative juices flowing and send your entry in as soon as possible. Don’t forget the competition closes on 17th July so you don’t have long to enter. Best of luck everyone!


And as for us, I have a jam-packed week ahead with work stuff (and Spandau Ballet stuff), but I can’t wait to finally get all of my worldly possessions out of storage … and to stop paying for the privilege too! More home updates to follow of course, but for now, I think I’ll put a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge ready for Monday.

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* Post is in collaboration with The Natural Curtain Company

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