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I talked earlier in the week about how Dexter was on a week long residential with his school, which meant I was child-free for a whole week. Now be honest, I bet you’ve all been dying to know what I’ve been up to haven’t you? Well wonder no more … here’s what has happened so far (hold onto your hats … it’s RIVETING stuff!):


  1. I haven’t had to set my alarm. Dexter and I really like our sleep and don’t normally surface until about 7.45am (unless I’m on call for work … #freelancingFTW) and so of course, sod’s law, I have been awake every morning this week before 7.00am. It doesn’t help that the curtains in Dad’s spare room are made of tracing paper and as soon as the sun rises it floods into my bedroom. I did borrow an eye mask from my best friend but it happened to be the one that I bought her years ago with ‘F*ck Off’ sewn onto the front in pink sequins. I buy THE best presents.


  1. I have pottered around my local secondhand bookshop TWICE this week. I may make it three times this week – who knows?! I’m a rebel after all. I had a list of four or five books I was after (and I refuse to pay full price because that’s the kind of girl I am), and luckily the shop had one of them, so I have actually started to read a book. An actual paperback book. It’s a bit of a big deal for me because not only are all my books in storage, and have been for the last three months, I just haven’t been able to find the headspace lately to sit down and read anything for pleasure. I figured this week was as good a time as any so on Tuesday afternoon I grabbed a blanket, my new/old book, an apple and a glass of water and set out in the garden all afternoon. It was perfection. Which brings me onto point 3.


  1. It was so warm in the garden that I found an old T-shirt that could double as a beach dress (it’s a bit awks … that whole wearing a bikini while your living with your Dad thing), and just laid out in the sun soaking up all those wonderful, albeit really damaging, UV rays. I know it’s not big and its not clever, and normally I make do with fake tan, but sometimes you just can’t beat the feel of sunshine on your skin. By the evening I could see a couple of new freckles appear on my forearms and I realised that it’s the simple pleasures in life that really make me happy.


  1. Eating a late dinner. Rather than eating with Dexter at stupid o’clock (ie. as soon as he gets home from school because he’s “absolutely STARVING!”) it has been much more civilised eating later in the day. I’ve been on a Slimming World diet for a week now and you can eat a hell of a lot – I’ve not felt hungry once. Unfortunately though, you can’t eat big bags of Revels (like I may or may not have done on Saturday night.) So right now, my life is full of potatoes, rice, chicken, bacon and salad … it could be worse I guess.


And that’s about it – rock and roll or what?! In my defence, I did get as far as researching trips to Amsterdam and New York, but realised that actually, I’d rather go with Dexter than without him. There are so many places I want to take him and I would have felt really guilty if I’d gone without him. He still hasn’t forgiven me for that time I went on holiday to Disneyland Paris without him! I’m now off to London to meet a friend for lunch and I’ve treated myself to a very posh hotel so that instead of going home after lunch and coming back in the morning for the BritMums live conference (which I’m speaking at btw, so if you’re a blogger make sure you come along!), I’m going to stay in London and have a mooch … all on my own!


Over and out for now – I’ve got a suitcase to pack!


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