It’s fair to say that updating the kitchen isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but it is on most people’s wish lists. For those that regularly spend time in the kitchen whizzing up all manner of delicious delights, the kitchen is vital. It has to be both functional and look great. But updating the kitchen is also one of those projects that can be extremely costly, especially if what you really want to do is rip everything out and start all over again.

For those of us without a massive budget in place, there are a few kitchen updates which are really worthwhile, whether you have a limited budget or have been saving for a while. With this in mind here are three splurges and three steals that will easily update any kitchen this season:


Splurge #1: New countertops
You don’t have to replace the entire kitchen to achieve a fresh, new look. By just replacing the counter tops, you can give your kitchen a whole new lease of life. Replace tired, worn out counters with trendy concrete counter tops or hard wood ones for a great modern look that is also hardwearing.

Splurge #2: New kitchen appliances
You don’t need to change the structure of the kitchen to update the look. Instead, splash out on some new countertop accessories like a coordinating kettle and toaster, new sandwich press, or one of the best coffee machines on the market (we like this range). New appliances can make all the difference in transforming your kitchen.

Splurge #3: New tiled flooring
As the kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in the home, flooring can wear out quickly in a kitchen. Avoid replacing cheap worn out linoleum with another cheap replacement and instead invest in tiled flooring. With a great colour scheme and fresh, white grout it’ll give any kitchen a much-needed boost.


Steal #1: Tile paint
You don’t have to fork out on new tiles to update the look of your kitchen. Instead buy a couple of tins of coloured tile paint and create your own mosaic design at a fraction of the cost. Teal and terracotta are popular choices this season.

Steal #2: New soft furnishings
You might be thinking, what on earth are kitchen soft furnishings? In the kitchen, I’m referring to new tea-towels, dishcloths, oven gloves and blinds. Be honest, yours have probably seen better days so consider replacing them with brightly coloured new ones to freshen up your kitchen.

Steal #3: Hanging space
In many kitchens, space can be an issue. Older style kitchens weren’t designed to accommodate all the latest gadgets and multiple sets of dinnerware so storage space can be tight. To add more storage without remodelling your kitchen, look round second hand stores for wooden laundry hangings. These fixed onto the ceiling or put up as a shelf will create a great space for hanging pots, pans, garlic and much more.

So whether you’ve been saving to update your kitchen or just one a quick fix, these ideas will easily help you create a kitchen to be proud of.

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