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You may have seen me mention online, but it was Dexter’s birthday yesterday. I’m now the proud mother of two boys aged 20 and 11, although to this day, I maintain I don’t look nearly old enough.


I told Dexter, perhaps somewhat naïvely, that he could do what ever he liked on his birthday, so the first thing he wanted to do was skip breakfast and have a Five Guys burger as soon as they opened at 11am! If you’ve never had one, you won’t understand this request at all, but I totally get it. It’s the best burger in the world.


Whilst we were at Bluewater, we decided to see what was at the cinema and plumped for San Andreas, a generic action movie about earthquakes, featuring The Rock in a very tight T shirt. It was OK – exciting in parts, lots of hammy acting, but Dexter seemed to like it.


The next thing on Dexter’s wishlist was being able to play his choice of music in the car. We normally employ a rule of one song each, so I found this wish quite tough going. Fellow parents of tweens amongst you will know the utter dirge that is the type of music they listen to, but the trooper I am, I got through it.


He was lucky enough to get an Xbox One from me. Remember I wrote about whether I should buy him one or not? So yes, I gave in, but honestly, the look on his face was priceless and well worth the money I spent on it. I also bought him a ticket to go to Warner Studios for the Harry Potter tour, although that was as much a present for me as it was for him!


We then watched Kingsman in the afternoon (don’t bother), and got ready to go out for an early dinner with The Family.


I had been given a helium balloon kit by Balloon Time to review so thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out, but when I mentioned to Dexter that I’d be taking 30 balloons to the restaurant with us, he was mortified. Well, I say he was mortified, I think he actually just thought he should be embarrassed about things like balloons, what with being ‘well old’ now. But the funny thing is, I just knew he really wanted them really and, as usual, I was proved right! (I love it when that happens.)


balloon time


The kit comes with a small gas canister (all perfectly safe, don’t worry), 30 balloons and a ball of white ribbon. The process is so simple, it only took me 6 minutes (yes I timed it!) to blow all the balloons up! I hate blowing balloons up normally so this was perfect – don’t have the puff that I used to 😉


You know what someone needs to invent though? A machine that ties knots in balloons. I would definitely buy one of those!


Anyway, I made up a few bunches of balloons and tied them together with the ribbon and when Dexter saw them he was happy as Larry. The trip to the restaurant was fun though, with Dexter holding at least 20 balloons in the front seat of the car!


As you can see, we had a great time and the balloons were a quick and easy addition to the venue to make it a bit more personalized for him. We also gave a bunch of the balloons to Daisy who is 4 and of course, she loved them too.


balloon time


Dexter Sutton


(He gets his good looks from his Mum btw.)


You can find the Balloon Time kit in Asda, Toys R Us, party shops and Tesco and it costs around the £20 mark. I blew up all of the balloons and found that I’ve used all the helium, so I’ve taken the tank to the tip to dispose of it safely, but the gas doesn’t go ‘off’ so if you perhaps wanted to buy the occasional special foil balloon, it would last you a long time.


We ate ALL the food and even went to Creams to finish off with waffles and Nutella. We got home and chilled in bed, our bellies full of pasta and love, and Dexter fell asleep in my arms. The perfect end to a perfect day.

kate sutton


Disclosure: “I’m working with BritMums and Balloon Time as part of the “Celebration Club”, highlighting inventive and fun ways of using balloons. I was provided with a Balloon Time helium kit and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit for more information and party inspiration.


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