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I’ve tried to write a blog post for weeks now. No big announcement or anything, but just to write something. Anything. But every time I try, the words haven’t quite made it from my head through to my fingers. I have procrastinated like mad – suffice to say, I ended up taking a random typing test the other day (92 wpm if you’re interested) just because I couldn’t quite form a coherent blog post. Also, half term is never conducive to blogging. Put it this way, as I write this, I’m sitting on my bed with Dexter crawling under my legs, using them as a cave. A leg cave if you will.


Not being able to write isn’t like me at all as it’s not like writing is a hardship … I love writing, but I’ve taken a couple of knocks recently that I think have affected me and dented my confidence a little. The first was losing the house (I wrote about that here.) I know these things happen, and it would have been so, so much worse if I had been buying instead of renting, but I had been really relying on having that house to go to to make a home for us all.


And then I didn’t make the final 5 of the Brilliance in Blogging Awards. Again. And I know it’s not a big deal, but it does always feel like ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride.’ Mind you, I was a bride once and look how that turned out.


I also got a few comments about my weight after I wrote about how difficult it was to shop for clothes if you were big busted. I put them in the trash, where they belonged, but you know, people can be horrid. I’m a strong person, but I’m not infallible.


I felt like I wanted to have SOMETHING IMPORTANT to say before I published another blog post and asked my blog FB page if there was anything in particularly that they wanted me to write about. The response I got was quite surprising (at least to me.) They said that it didn’t really matter what I wrote, they enjoyed my blog because of how I wrote.  Blimey. So there I was, worrying way too much about what to say when actually, people just like me chattering away about nothing in particular, they just happened to like a little insight into my world and my occasional, mildly amusing repartee.


I sometimes feel like, as a blogger, I’m suffocating in a sea of other bloggers and I question where I fit. Everywhere I look, new blogs are popping up and, don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see the community grow, but it’s moved on so much I don’t know where my place is anymore. The blogging community, in its current form, is nothing like the one I was a part of at the beginning – that’s life etc, but I think there are a few of us ‘old skool’ bloggers who are maybe questioning their blogs, just like I am.


Twitter is becoming a dumping ground for bloggers to dump links to their blog posts or to linkys – oh God, ALL the linkys – and it’s harder, although not impossible, to just converse with like-minded people. I also worry about saying something untoward on the blog that might get misinterpreted and a mass debate (snigger) will start that I really can’t be bothered to get involved in.


My blog isn’t perfectly styled because quite frankly, I just don’t really have the time to spend hours on a photoshoot, or have a partner that can help. I’m happy with the way it looks, but more importantly, I’m happy with the content. So often I see new bloggers question how to make money from blogging, how can they become popular, how can they get noticed … and I feel like their Mum when I say the same thing over and over again – just produce good content and people will come. It’s a lesson I need to remember myself I guess.


I am well aware I’m rambling the shit out of this blog post but I think I just needed to clear out the cobwebs and get all of this off my considerably sized chest before I can start to blog again properly.


Blogger’s block – anyone else suffer?




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  1. I’m sorry that you’re feeling like this and you didn’t make it through Kate. You see, we do listen. When so much else isnt looking great then it’s a little light that hurts when it goes out. But you’re still great. IKWYM about wondering where we fit it nowadays too and I try really hard to chat on Twitter but hardly recognizse anyone on my TL and end up leaving after too short a time. I am focussing on reading the blogs I have loved for a long time and find that makes me feel less lost! Keep up the good work XX

    1. Thanks Anya – I can always rely on you as the voice of reason lol! I just always think of myself as such a strong person, unaffected by most things (or at least able to deal with them well), but I think when you have a succession of knocks, it can stop even the strongest person in their tracks. Ho hum. Onwards eh! x

  2. I like reading your blog because I enjoy your writing – regardless of topic or rambling! I’m sorry I did want to vote for you but when I opened up the form there were a million options on a gazillion categories and it was a busy day so I thought I’ll do it later. Only I never got around to later. End of academic year for me and it is mental. I still think your blog is very good, and very honest and much better than blogs where it is all about image and money. I’m not really using twitter as it is a million links and no chat. I’m using instagram more – a little photo (which should be real life not oh so perfect) can prompt nice wee discussions I find. Hope the house hunt is going a little better – so unfair, even if he had let you move in with a shorter lease (eg 6 months) would have been much more fair.

    1. Oh I hope you don’t think I’m moaning about people not voting for me. I just meant it was just one of a succession of things that sapped all my energy. I really appreciate the thought at least 🙂 I like Instagram too but just need to find my mojo I think. I don’t want to jinx the house hunt so I’m keeping uncharacteristically quiet about it all! Thanks again for taking the time to comment – always appreciated.

  3. Ahhhh it makes me feel sad that you feel like this. FYI BIBs, you had my vote and I was really shocked to not see you in the final.
    However, if it makes you feel any better at all. I really look up to you. As a blogger and as a person. I think you are wonderful and I love your blog. Do you know why? Because of how real it is. Because you don’t try and follow the trends and do what everyone else is doing. You keep it true to you and true to how it has always been.
    And the whole weight comments thing makes me so angry. People are awful and so horrid. I think you are beautiful xx

  4. I have only just come across your blog and have enjoyed reading a couple of posts. You made me laugh out loud which I always love and which will mean I come back to read more. I only started blogging a few months back and really enjoy it but I just write what I feel and what is happening to me that day. I keep reading tips which say ‘make sure you have really interesting content’ – what the hell! I think if you think too much about it, it just puts pressure on you. You can only be yourself. That is how you ensure authenticity. Take it from me – I’m a psychologist! Keep up the good work and I will definitely be back. Lorraine x

  5. Re the navel gazing – it’s good to reassess sometimes – I’ve done it, I’ve read a few other blogs that are doing it. It’s like a spring clean in a way. I’m going to tell you to have a Twitter clear out (not me, obvs…) because you’re following the wrong people if they are all link dumping. Get rid of some and you’ll see the people you’re missing. Or follow some new people. Maybe we need a new version of #FF – I found some great people via that “back in the day”.

    I’m with you on the linkys thing. It’s like someone somewhere said “make a linky and you’ll get lots of followers and good stats”. I’m bored of them all and want to read about real stuff.

    1. You’re right about unfollowing people who link dump, I’m just always wary of upsetting people when I shouldn’t be. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone vis a vis the linkys – they drive me mad! I only ever sporadically joined in with Silent Sunday and The Gallery (2 photographic prompts) but now every Tom, Dick And Harry has a blimmin’ linky! I just want to read good content GODAMMIT! 🙂

  6. I don’t read many blogs, but I almost always read yours. It reads like I imagine you talk. I find it very easy. Your place is right here…..blogging like you chat. I’m all ears.

    1. If you imagine this is how I talk then I think I’ve done my job. It was always my intention to write how I speak so that readers can feel like we’re just having a chat. Thanks so much for commenting (and reading) – you’ve made my night x

  7. Yes all year so far!

    To be honest Kate when I read your blog I always enjoy it. It is the place to come for a read which you know will give me a smile in the ‘she has the same kind of humour a me’way!

    You are familiar in your writing and I like that, as do so many!

    Got to be honest this year the time has gone so quickly and life has been kind of stressful I didn’t vote for anyone!

    Enjoy the rest of your half-term x

  8. I don’t feel like I’ve blogged properly for 18 months. Working in social media kind of switched me off a bit as I didn’t want to sit in front of a screen after a days work, my kids getting older and me not being sure how much of their life I’m willing to share any more … for their sakes 🙂

    It really bothered me in the beginning but now it’s dawned on me that my blog will always be there and if I update it every six months rather than every week then so what. I can also feel the need to write again rearing up so who knows…

    1. I’ve really missed reading your blog. I totally get where you’re coming from though, especially when it comes to the kids – the older Dexter gets, the less he’s prepared to let me take photos of him etc. But I think if we blog because we love writing (which we do) then it doesn’t really matter how often we update it – it just ebbs and flows doesn’t it?

  9. I get bloggers block frequently. Some bloggers have suggested that the niches for my 2 blogs are too limited. Maybe that’s true. I also have some chronic illnesses, so that may factor in. Searching other blogs, using social media trends, joining blogger groups, and watching news on tv and on the web sometimes helps and then sometimes I get sensory overload from my research :D. Sometimes you might need to take a blogging break. You might lose a few followers, but you might gain new ones once you feel more refreshed and start blogging again.

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