It’s been six days since I heard the bad news about my house falling through. You may be forgiven for thinking that I would wallow in a ball of self-pity and gin, but only one of those is true. (Mmmm … gin.) Instead, I arranged to see a house the very next day.


It has four bedrooms (yay!), but is opposite a school (boo!). It has allotments at the bottom of a very nice garden but because it’s fairly open, I had visions of burglars running amok and using my garden as an escape. (I also had a very vivid imagination as a child.) It’s a little old-fashioned, which I could probably get over, and I even got the rent down £50 a month as I stood and complained about the rent to the agent.


But the fact is, my heart wasn’t in it. I could have looked at my dream house that day and hated it. I’m still hurt and upset that I’ve been royally shafted … and not in a good way. I’ve gone through the process of beginning my house search again because I know that’s the most positive, proactive thing I can do and sitting on my bum moaning doesn’t do myself or Dexter any favours.


So whilst I wait for new houses to be added to RightMove (yup, I really am refreshing the homepage on the hour), I thought I’d do some online browsing for homey stuff. Planning my new home always makes me feel better about things and even though I have most of the basics now, it’s always good to keep looking.


(I say I have most of the basics, I don’t even have a washing machine or fridge, but I DO have the most gorgeous cushions!)


So today, I thought I’d focus on a dining room wish list. I may not physically have a dining room yet, but dreaming about one will help me cope with the stress of last week!


Dining Table & Chairs


I already have a dining room table and chairs, BUT … the table was a second from DFS and cost me £50. It’s a white, high gloss, square table with a chip in the middle but it more than did the job at my old house – I didn’t have a formal dining room, it just sat at the end of the kitchen. It did me a turn, as Mum would have said.


I bought (and put together myself) these green chairs from Atlantic Shopping to go with the white table …


green chair


… which I still like, but I think I want something more grown-up, and definitely something bigger for my next house. I’d love to be able to have family round for dinner, which I can’t do with my small, ‘seats 4’, table.


I’ve been looking on eBay for second-hand solid oak tables and there are some real bargains to be had. I have a man with a van for jobs like that so I have someone to go and collect it for me, but part of me wants something new. I’m tired of having to buy everything second-hand, but I’m still not prepared to spend £800 on a table!


Here are a few sets I’ve seen so far that I like – this first one is from M&S:


M&S dining table


It’s got enough room for when I have visitors BUT … I’m not sure I’m a fan of the whole dark leather thing. At least not at the dining table. So that’s the only thing that puts me off. Plus the table is £649 and it’s £200 per chair! You can’t deny the quality of M&S but I think that’s pretty expensive, don’t you? They are, however, running a 20% off selected pieces of furniture right now, so it would work out at least a little cheaper. As an aside, I think the crockery they’ve used here is also gorgeous!


M&S black white plates


Next up is this set from Zurleys:


zurleys dining table


I prefer the lighter colour of the chair pads and I think circular extending tables are more unusual so this could work, whether I end up putting it in the kitchen or dining room because let’s face, who knows what house I’ll end up with! It’s light oak and £614 for the table AND 4 chairs!


And finally, I love this from Ikea:


ikea dining table


This table is birch and is £275 – maybe more suitable for something a little less formal. But you can’t go wrong with Ikea if your budget can’t extend to M&S/John Lewis prices. There’s always a great range, you can even buy table tops and legs separately for something a little different and something I only found out this week, but you can even arrange for Ikea to put your furniture together for you. For someone that can be a little DIY-challenged, that’s a great help.




Do you remember the copper lamp I bought last month? (I vlogged about it here.) I envisage putting that on my sideboard, and having both in the dining room (space permitting.) I’ve also seen a few accouterments (Word of the Day) as I pottered around M&S that I love – I mean who doesn’t love pointless pink flamingo pots that may well be too small to put anything in? They’re pretty cute though.


M&S flamingo


But back to lighting. I’m getting over my copper addiction – mainly because I think I’ve bought everything copper I can lay my hands on. Ikea again are great for lighting, but it’s hard to choose something when you don’t know what your colour scheme will be. But I’ve had a look round, and these are currently on my shortlist:



dining room ceiling lights



1. Homebase – £14.99

2. BHS – £150

3. John Lewis – £110-£140


So that’s it for now. I like the idea of bookshelves to go over the sideboard, but we’ll have to see if there’s room.  *sigh*  I just want a house!





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