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There I was, minding my own business in the M&S café (again), thumbing through the Home catalogue, when I had a sudden realisation. I had just got an actual boner over a saucepan with a copper bottom. Not only that, I took a photo of it and put it on Instagram. NOT ONLY THAT, I then went on to have a discussion on Twitter AND Facebook about whether the metal handle would get too hot and a friend suggested buying handle cover … and then MY HEAD BLEW UP AND THE SHEER HORROR THAT MY LIFE HAD BECOME.


And breathe.


Since when did I find saucepans sexy? Or cushions. I could talk for hours about my love of cushions! I don’t browse around clothes shops anymore (I do 99% of my shopping online) … but I’d happily spend an hour or two in The Range or John Lewis. Can I just reiterate the point that I had a conversation that lasted at least twenty minutes about saucepan handle covers.


I put the washing out this morning at Dad’s and stopped to listen to a bird sing a song without wanting to shoot it. In fact, I just thought what a lovely photo it would make. I polished Dad’s golf trophies and took much pleasure from doing so because I know how proud of them he is.


I researched spiralizers.


I researched car boot organisers … and bought one from Ebay. No really, I did.


car boot organiser


I did a comparison of rubber mats for the new car, and I’m still debating what the best deal is.


I am happy conversing with strangers (see what happened when I did that yesterday) and I can still vividly remember being mortified by my Mum (God rest her soul) when she did the same.


Can you see my point?


I’m wondering whether the fact I’ve been single for three years and haven’t dated for a year may have something to do with this turn of events. Or maybe I’m just at the age where I don’t really care what anyone thinks, as long as it makes me happy. (Actually, Caroline Hirons wrote a great post this week about what it’s really like to be in your 40’s … a must-read.)


There’s still life in the old dog yet (although less of the ‘old’ and ‘dog’ for that matter), and I even bought myself some jazzy silver sandals this week. I mean, they’re from M&S but still. (I just said jazzy didn’t I?)


M&S silver sandals


In other news, I need a pedicure.


So I’m not really sure what to do about the whole ‘boring’ thing. Is this what middle age is? I suppose it is what it is and I only have myself to please so if I want to shop for copper bottomed saucepans, I ruddy well will!





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  1. Ha! Well this is a cracker of a site. Lush to find you!
    I blew my load over a Teflon frying pan that I got half price in Sainsbury’s. I photographed it and put it on instagram. And then I went back and bought another one. Why? Because I needed double the glory that is owning a stunning looking frying pan.
    I am also in love with my Dyson and sometimes throw shit on the floor just so I can suck it up.
    Heaven help me! And I need a pedicure too. But hey, I’d rather spend the cash on frying pans. X

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I have discovered that I really enjoy gardening. I hate to admit it as my parents were keen gardeners when I was younger and I just didn’t get it.
    What I do now when I feel like I am being boring, I get another tattoo. xxx

  3. The handles don’t get too hot. Just sayin’. Not that I spent hours figuring it out, or nothing…..

  4. I might be able to trump you here- for my 30th birthday last year my brothers asked me what I wanted. I contemplated perfume or jewellery, but opted for a copper skillet from Lakeland. Excellent pan, though my brothers were completly bemused at choice of gift…


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