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I have been living with my dad for a month as of today. Boy, time sure does fly when you’re a 44-year-old woman living at her parents’ house.  It’s going as well as can be expected. Dad is trying his best to be very tolerant of our little habits and quirks and equally, I’m just making sure I keep him topped up with wine. We’re making the best out of a situation if, truth be told, neither of us really want to be in.


Dad has made a couple of casual comments alluding to how much longer are we going to be living there and I totally don’t blame him wanting his own space back. We all just like to walk around in our pants right?! So I thought it would be a good time to call my landlord to see what, if any, progress is being made.


It’s not really going as well as I had perhaps naïvely hoped. Progress is being made but he doesn’t really seem to be in a particular rush to get me moved in. I’m quite surprised because I have the cash there ready to pay him rent (rent that we haven’t actually yet talked about but I’m hoping it won’t be astronomical), but maybe he just wants to gets everything right before we move in, which I totally respect.


He told me he has begun on the kitchen and that some of the base cupboards are in, but not fixed to the wall. He has started to cut the kitchen worktops and is taking his time working on the worktop around the sink in particular that is giving him a few problems. I’m not really sure what my landlord’s profession was before he retired but he seemed confident that he had the skills to do a lot of the work himself. We’ll soon see right? Apparently, there’s been a lot of ‘head scratching’ going on which doesn’t bode well but this is the first time he’s worked on a renovation and sometimes you just work things out as you go along don’t you. Metaphor for life really!


The last time I visited the house was probably three weeks’ ago, when the heating had just been put in, but the house still looked pretty derelict, so I’m hoping that if I go and visit later on this week I might actually see a bit more progress. Personally, I’d rather just get in there and he can work around me, but I don’t think it is going to work out like that. I’m being incredibly impatient because refurbishments do take a lot of time – I see that for myself when I watch Homes Under The Hammer. I’m not sure why I thought this project would be any different.


I know he doesn’t work on the house every day and that’s OK – I don’t want to put any pressure on him. (Except I totally do.)


He hasn’t mentioned a moving in date and the closest I could pin him down was “We are getting there.” So it looks like I’ll be with Dad a little bit longer. Maybe a month more? But Dad and I are spending more time together, more than we did the last time I moved in, and it’s nice. He sees more of Dexter, which is great, and we try and watch The Chase together every night whilst I have gin in a tin and he has a large glass of wine. I always make sure I’ve done the washing up because I think dirty crockery annoys him, and whenever he wants to watch sport we make ourselves scarce. I’m just trying to make this period go as smoothly as possible, but it’s not easy.


I hope we can move out before we fall out!



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  1. What a sincerely tenderly written post. I didn’t realise you were living with Dad. I thought I’d seen a blog post or vid of you both in a new home – the Argos Nutribullet lookie likie no? Hope you do get moved before any rows. Sounds like you give each other enough space though x

    1. My new house is being renovated so I’m just playing the waiting game. We’ve already lived in that house I did the smoothie maker review in lol … we were there a year! x

  2. Kate take it from someone who was supposed to stay at home for three months and ended up spending three years there – you’ll get through it and the house will be worth it once you’re finally there! Hope you only have a few more weeks to wait.
    Are you still looking at other possibilities in the meantime? We found our current home whilst waiting on another rental to become liveable!

    1. 3 years?! OMG. Don’t. I don’t think I can make 3 months. I’m happy with our choice of next property so don’t really feel the need to keep looking, plus .. estate agents (urgh) so I’ll just have to be a little more patient I think. Not my greatest virtue.

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