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The countdown to moving into my new home continues. And continues. Because, I don’t actually have a date yet, but the countdown continues in my head at least.


As you will have seen from my recent homeware haul, I’m finding some absolute gems for the new house and although I have no idea how (or if!) it will all come together, I love what I’ve bought so far regardless. I just think I’ll find a way to make everything work but it’s really hard trying to have that vision when you’ve only visited a house three times and you have no idea what it looks like now.


I’ve turned my thoughts to the garden lately, especially as the sun is now shining, however briefly, and it makes me dream of barbecues and frozen cocktails … sun loungers and bedding plants … fence painting and pretty bushes (so to speak).


In order to help me visualise how I think I can make the garden work, I thought I’d put together a wish-list, or a mood board, so that I can start to see a) what I need to buy and b) how to make what is quite an unconventional space work for me.



My garden is in zones, it’s not just one lushly turfed area unfortunately. A conservatory leads from the dining room and as you walk out of the conservatory, you walk straight onto a large paved area which wraps around the side of the kitchen to the right. There is a LOT of paved area and unfortunately it’s old fashioned pink and cream paving … at least I think it is underneath the dirt – nothing a power washer can’t sort out.


garden patio


It’s in fairly good condition, which is a bonus, but I’m not sure there’s much I can do about it just yet. Having said that, my friend Charlotte works for Mrs Stone the stone manufacturers, and I’m hoping that when she does blogger outreach she might not think my garden is too big a project!  No pressure Charlotte. So ideally, I’d like some lovely limestone paving to go down there eventually because I’m not really a fan of decking anymore.



I was chatting with my BFF the other day about whether I wanted a traditional table and chairs or a more casual seating area – think low rattan sofas and coffee table. But I just think a table and chairs would work better because I hope to at least eat outside once this year and I’d like to be able to invite the family round for barbeques too. Ikea has some great sets right now:


ikea garden set

Table and 6 armchairs, brown, white
ikea garden set
Table+2 chairs+ bench, outdoor, grey


As much as I love big, comfy armchair type chairs for the garden though, they’re just not very practical. I think folding chairs would be perfect because I actually have an outhouse that I can put everything away in … (I know – there’s even an outside loo!) and these folding chairs, again from Ikea, are great:




ikea folding chair

Folding chair, turquoise


Lawn Area & Flowers

The only grassed area is this which, although small, could be perfect for several reasons – it’s a sun-trap, perfect for a spot of semi-naked sunbathing and is totally private, being hidden by a random shed that is still there and the outhouses.




I think the shed round the corner may come down though which would free up a bit more space. This is the area where I can do some planting, but I’d have to do some research to find out what I can plant at this time of year.


I’ve always loved gardening, I think it was something that was instilled in me by both parents are they were always pottering in the garden – Dad still spends an inordinate amount of time gardening – probably what keeps him so young at heart!


I’ve only ever bought my flowers from B&Q and my compost from Compost Direct but if you have any recommendations for where I can get some lovely flowers at a good price, I’d be very grateful! I don’t tend to stick to a colour scheme – the brighter the better!



This is quite a tricky one to plan from afar because I don’t yet know what will work best but think zoning (I’m such a gardening pro!) – maybe some solar lights hidden amongst the bedding plants to highlight them as the sun goes down, some fairy lights trailed across the fence panels and obviously all the citronella candles if I’m entertaining … what can I say? I have very sweet blood!


This photo is pretty much perfection though, and just how I’d like my garden to turn out:


garden lighting

Photo Credit


I have to say I’m a charcoal girl, not a gas girl (you’ll be glad to hear!) … and so I find that a small kettle drum style barbecue has always been enough for Dexter and I. But now we’ll be more settled in this next house, I like the idea of entertaining more and so maybe it’s time to invest in a more robust gas-powered barbecue. This one from Weber looks amazing!


weber bbq


Weber Spirit Classic E310 3-Burner Gas Barbecue

John Lewis (there are some great John Lewis deals here if you want to take advantage)




So there you have it … my garden wish-list, at least so far. I have no doubt that once we’re actually living there, I’ll have more defined ideas for what I want.


Exciting though isn’t it?



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