If you follow me on social media, you will see that I appear to have a bit of an obsession. No, I don’t mean the Idris Elba one. I mean my current love of all things copper.


I have a bit of an addictive personality so when I like something I really like it. Until I don’t, and then I like something different. And so on. So at the moment it’s copper homeware. Tomorrow, it could well be Jaffa Cakes. Who knows?! Such is the excitement of my life.


Anyway, I’ve also bought some other goodies for the house (that I don’t actually live in yet) and thought you might like to see. I’ve shopped in stores I’ve never shopped in before and found some real gems.


So, up first … is some cushion porn.


Oh, I should say beforehand that I bought a second hand sofa from Gumtree – it’s currently in storage but looks like this:


New sofa


I love the fact it’s a cross between grey and brown … Grown? Brey? Anyway, I cannot wait to sit on it, and the colour lends itself to amazing cushion accessories.


I bought two of these:


next copper cushion


They’re from Next and only cost £12! I can’t believe what a bargain they were and of course, the copper flashes on them will be highlighted by some other copper pieces that I’ll put in the lounge. Funnily enough, after I bought them I watched a Zoella vlog (don’t judge) and it turns out she has them too! She obviously copied me, but I don’t mind. I’m nice like that.


The next cushion I bought was a one-off and from TK Maxx:


tk maxx


I’ve never shopped in TK Maxx before, let alone bought anything, and yet after my first trip yesterday I saw so many things I fell in love with! This cushion was £11 and is grey on one side and black and white on the other, with yellow piping. I love a grey/yellow combination and although it does clash with the Next cushions, I think I can totally make it work. Or I’ll just buy another sofa. Either/or.


If you follow me on Pinterest (if not, why not?), you’ll see that one of my favourite boards is my ‘Home Office’ board because I’ve never been in a position to have a formal office at home before – at least not one I can decorate. I’ve been buying cheap frames (mainly from Ikea) so that I can put prints in them from Etsy … which I haven’t yet bought, but this picture was perfect:




Sorry that the sun is actually obscuring the quote – it says ‘Listen to your heart.’ Again, from TK Maxx, and a relatively bargainous £16.99. I love the quote, and I love the gold lettering. *sigh* Perfection.


Now I’m not one for twee quotes. Apart from the one above. But in general I’m not. However, I saw this one in The Range and thought it was fab:


gentlemen rules


It’s not something I’m going to put in Dexter’s bedroom (honest), nor am I going to particularly point it out to him and teach it to him, one rule at a time. However, it will always be in his periphery … so that gradually, over time, he will soak up the overall message. They are ‘rules’ I’ve already taught him, and continue to teach him, particularly as he gets older, but I’m curious as to whether him seeing it in black and white might just add weight to my attempt at trying to raise a gentleman. I think every single point on that plaque align with my values so fingers crossed. It was approximately £5.


The following two items were from H&M – another new shop for me:



Let’s face it, this copper tray isn’t something I need. Who does come to think of it? But I love it. £15 from H&M and I think I may put it on my sideboard with some candles on it. Or use it for another drinks tray!





This was about £7 I think and I like the idea of putting a little cactus in it. Or yet another candle. It sure is pretty.


The following two items were things I umm’ed and aaah’ed about, and didn’t buy. But now wish I had:





Isn’t this cushion glorious?! I’ve never seen anything like it before and I really wish I’d bought it – again I think it was only £11. You can bet if I go back it’ll be gone.



tk maxx


This chevron cushion was a floor cushion and was £20. I just wasn’t 100% sure whether I would use it or not so I didn’t get it. Of course, now I know I’d have made use of it. Grr.


So that’s my homeware haul! I hope you liked it. It would be even better if I had a house to put it all in … but I’m hoping that it’s only going to be a matter of a couple of weeks before it all goes ahead. Poor Dad’s conservatory is getting filled by all my new purchases!


What do you think? Like any of them? Let me know.





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  1. What a fab haul, you have great taste! I must get to TKMax and check it out. I love H&M homeware I have some fab bargains from them mainly purchased in their sale online, well worth looking!

    Fingers crossed for your move soon! x

  2. Love it all Kate -def get some succulents in that lovely little copper pot, and you can totally make those cushions work. Can’t wait to see them on your sofa 😉 x

  3. Love love love TK Maxx – which one did you go to? I usually go to the one in Chatham, but occasionally I go to the Maidstone one, which is HUGE. I’ve also discovered that there is a Homesense near IKEA, which is the homewares part of TK Maxx. My idea of heaven. 🙂

    1. There’s an even bigger one?! OMG! I went to Chatham but will now totally be going to Maidstone too! I’ve been to that Homesense but unfortunately couldn’t see anything I liked 🙁

  4. I love every thing!!! They have some cute chevron cushions in the next clearance section.

    I will send you a print for your office too xxx

    Do you know when you are moving? We have about 3 weeks maximum now.

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