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It’s Easter weekend (yay!) … but I still have to work (boo!). However, I took the executive decision to take some time off and actually go out and do something with Dexter today. As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed with the whole ‘being a single parent’ thing and sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and have a change of scenery. I find that 9 times out of 10 it gives me a little perspective.


So this morning (Saturday) we decided to go to the O2. Dexter was relieved to find out it wasn’t to see McBusted, although personally speaking, I’d have totally been up for that. Instead, we decided to do the Sky Studios tour that sits within the Arena. I’ve noticed it before but wasn’t really sure what it was.


Firstly, it’s free. So that’s a definite win in my book. Secondly, it doesn’t take long to look round which, if your kids’ attention span isn’t all that great, is a definite plus. It’s based over three floors and we were greeted by a very friendly young lady who explained what was on each floor.


I found this guy on the one floor:


sky studios tour



… and Dexter had lots of fun too.


sky studios tour


We then went to the best bit, the TV studio where we could pretend to be TV presenters! We had a choice of presenting the news, the sports news or X-Men news. X-Men news all the way!





Dexter than went to the green screen area where your face can be superimposed into lots of different film scenes – Dexter loved it!


sky studios tour


So what did we think?


If you’re going to the O2 for something else, then I would definitely recommend popping along. It’s free, we didn’t have to queue (we went at 12.30pm on a Saturday) and we were there for about twenty minutes altogether. But I would say, it’s a pretty expensive day out if you’re only going for this. We had to pay £11 for parking, together with a little petrol money and we then went for lunch too. Obviously, we didn’t have to have lunch but …


five guys



It’s not just for kids – everyone wants to pretend they’re a TV presenter don’t they?



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