Bills Restaurant



I decided to bunk off work today (you can occasionally do that as a freelancer …) and meet a couple of my blogging gal pals, Alison from Not Another Mummy Blog and Katrina from Cool Bananas Blog, at Bluewater. Katrina suggested trying out a new restaurant instead of our usual Costa and so we went to Bills.  I’ve heard of it but have never been, so was excited to try it … more than I probably should be, but then I don’t get out much! The decor is great … the pancakes were fabulous. The coffee, however, was way too small for my liking.


Bills Restaurant


It’s always lovely to meet up with good blogging friends because we trust each other implicitly and so not only do we share tips and tricks, we can share our thoughts on what’s going on in the blogging community with no repercussions!  I find being around like minded women very inspiring and Alison and Katrina are really just very lovely!


Bills Restaurant



After we’d finished chatting, I decided to go for a wander and do a bit of window shopping.


I am looking for bits and pieces for my new house and even though I only came away with this gorgeous candle from John Lewis (I’ve had it before and it smells amazing … but at £10 it’s a rare treat), I found loads of things I fell in love with. It’s typical though isn’t it, when you don’t have the money you see things you love. Anyway, I thought I would share with you what caught my eye and hope that when I win the lottery next week (that reminds me, I really should start doing that) … I will buy it all. ALL I TELL YOU!!

wild fig kew garden

I first went to John Lewis and had a little peruse of their kitchen section:



I’ve never bought anything from Orla Kiely and, at £135 for a bin, I doubt I’d buy that. But it sure is pretty!




I have a Dualit toaster already and can’t afford to replace it (they’re really expensive) … but LOOK! It’s a copper toaster!




Now something that I DO need is an ice bucket. In fact, after buying lots of Prosecco from Waitrose recently, I think it’s kinda imperative I have one. This gorgeous ice bucket (at least I think it’s one) is £185. Yup. So perhaps I’ll wait just a little longer before I buy it.




My eye was turned by this table and chairs/bench because it would look perfect in my new dining room.




And then my eye was turned by this Charbonnel & Walker chocolates because I’ve never tried them before!


And now onto M&S:




I love the pattern but as you can see, because it’s a woollen cushion there’s a snag in it already so I don’t think I’d buy it. Pretty though.




really want a grey sofa and love this one – especially with that zig-zag cushion.




This sofa is even nicer … more room to stretch out! And I’m pretty sure this was ‘only’ £429.




I LOVE this cushion in the middle!




Alison had bought Katrina a ‘K’ mug so I thought I’d take a look … but it’s actually smaller than I thought (I love big mugs and I cannot lie) so didn’t bother – it’s £6 for the record.


So that was my day window shopping and chatting with blogging friends. It’s great to take time out for yourself sometimes.


I’d love to know whether you like any of my choices!






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  1. Ahh it was a really nice couple of hours, having brunch with you and Katrina! Love all the things you spotted while window shopping afterwards. I really want to get a grey sofa but we don’t really *need* a new sofa so it feels a bit extravagant 😉 Those cushions are fab and LOVE the Orla bin, but yes agree with you on the price.

  2. Love that cafe. Sorry the coffee was small but wow to everything else including the pancakes. Your first photo stopped certainly stopped me in my tracks.

    Loving the toaster – ours broke months ago and I’ve been using the grill ever since. Lovely to have a day of “ladies who do lunch” good on ya.

    L @NewMumOnline

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