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When we moved out last week, I was adamant that I would leave the house in a near perfect condition. I think tenants have a bad reputation (which is often warranted mind you), for not leaving the house in a good enough state for the return of either the next tenant or, in my case, my landlady. I was really pushed for time and roped in my brother and sister-in-law, who had very kindly volunteered their services to help me clean the house on moving out day. Mind you, I don’t think my brother quite realised what he is letting himself in for – he was only there for chauffeuring duties!)


Anyway, the one thing I didn’t manage to do was cut the grass. We had had four days of on-and-off rain in the run up to leaving and it just wasn’t conducive to cutting. Plus, I was so exhausted by everything else, I’m not sure I’d have even had the energy. It was a bit annoying really because I have been sent a brand-new lawnmower and trimmer by Homebase to try out. What I’ve ended up doing, however, is bringing them to my Dad’s house and sticking them in his garage … at least for the first two weeks.




But I had a cunning plan. My dad has always loved cutting grass, weird I know … to the point where when I lived in my old house years ago, he liked to come round and cut my grass for me. I like to think it was his (albeit unusual) way of showing that me that he cared. (As an aside, he also loves making fires, hence the nickname ‘Pyromaniac Dave’!) He even has a sit-on lawnmower for his plot of land where we used to live which we loved riding on as kids! (We still do.)


So basically, what I’m saying is this … I’d practically be doing my Dad a favour if I let him trial out my new lawnmower for me! OK, this means I just have to watch through the conservatory window whilst drinking G&T’s but hey, I’m prepared to make that sacrifice.


OK, OK, I’m not that mean … I did cut the grass, I didn’t leave it for Dad. And I think I did a pretty good job too!






Dad put the lawnmower together for me, but it didn’t take long and he said the instructions were easy to follow. Having a cable trail behind you isn’t ideal, but once you’re into your rhythm and you know where the cable trails behind you, it’s no bother. This was on a fairly high cut – 44mm I think, as the grass was a little damp so maybe in a week or so I’ll cut it again but on a lower cut. I didn’t need to use the trimmer because as you can see, Dad’s garden is really neat, but I will use it for my new garden.


It was good to be back in the garden … I can’t wait to start getting to grips with my new garden.


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  1. Hehehe, this reminds me of that bit in Gnomeo and Juliet where they are trying to find the most monstrous lawn mower to act as a tank. (Yikes I watch way too many kids movies)

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