As you all know, I moved back into my Dad’s house last week. It’s the house he shared with Mum before she passed, and if I’m honest, I’ve always found it quite difficult coming back to visit. Not only are there still lots of lovely photos of Mum around (which is lovely of course!) but every last thing reminds me of her. I’ve just always found it difficult. Anyway, needs must and Dad very kindly agreed to let myself and Dexter stay here again whilst our new house is being refurbished. (NB: I may have forgotten to tell him that it’s actually for five weeks, not two.)


I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t relishing the thought of coming back. As much as I love my Dad, I moved out of home when I was 19, I was married at 20 and I have just always been my own person with my own house. I like the freedom. I like walking around naked if the mood takes me (#NakedThursday.) I like not doing the washing up if I don’t feel like it.


Anyway, I thought I would do a pros and cons list and let you know how we are getting on!




  • You can’t really entertain. And that means friends, but especially ‘special’ friends. I mean I could … but it just would be a bit icky right?
  • Toilet habits. I don’t think I went to the toilet for the first three days of living here (sorry TMI), just because I am not used to sharing a house with anyone (Dexter doesn’t count). It’s a bit like when you have your first holiday with a boyfriend and you just feel quite private about those type of things. Suffice to say, I was just a little bit glad Dad’s gone away for the week!
  • Always having to do the washing up. I respect that this is my Dad’s house and I’m really anal about keeping it how he would keep it, which means always doing the washing up AND not leaving plates to dry on the draining board (which I always do.)
  • Be considerate about noise. It’s not like Dexter and I have mad late night parties (I wish!), but he can get very shouty when he’s playing FIFA and I love listening to music and so now we are at Dad’s I’m just very conscious that we keep the noise levels down.
  • Heating. For some reason, and it’s probably because Dad isn’t always home, his heating only stays on for an hour at a time. Living in someone else’s house means that you are much more aware of things like putting the heating on because it’s not your money you’re spending. I might treat myself to an hour’s heating during the day, but then go and put a jumper on when the heating goes off. Ironically, this is exactly what Dad used to tell me to do as a child! Also, the radiators in my bedroom don’t work and so it’s like living in actual Antarctica. I had to resort to borrowing my friend’s plug-in radiator like a real Nanna, which has actually been a Godsend.



  • Sky TV. I had to cancel my Sky subscription years ago because I couldn’t afford it, but Dad has Sky (probably only for Sky Sports mind you) and I have found a way of downloading Sky Go onto my laptop and phone so that not only can I watch all of the TV channels he subscribes to, but Sky’s boxsets too. This will be my fourth attempt at trying to watch Game of Thrones – if I can’t get into it whilst I’m living here, I’m giving up!
  • Friends. I’ve got Friends on tap again!
  • Freedom.  Dad isn’t here for half of the week. He has a better social life than I do and is always out and about with his lady friend, and so often feels like I am back in my own place again.
  • Aaaaand relax. One of the strangest feelings I’m experienced now I’m back, is that I am relaxed. I’m worrying less about everything, and I am sleeping HARD! Even though I’m 44, and it doesn’t feel exactly like it did when I was young, but having another adult in the house again just makes me feel a little less under pressure to be on call for any emergencies. Sooooooo relaxed.
  • Company. We all do our own thing but sometimes it’s nice to just come downstairs and chat with Dad. I’ve wanted Dad to spend more time with Dexter and if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed … Dad has no choice now that we’re living under his roof. I hope they get a little closer whilst we’re here.


We’ve not been here a week yet, so I’m sure there will be plenty more pros and cons to add (more pros I hope). I’m trying not to think of moving back in with Dad as a step backwards, moreover a step towards where I want to be. A sideways step if you will! But overall I’m actually glad of this opportunity to just be around Dad a bit more. We all have our own separate lives, a little too separate for my liking, and although Dad is very young at heart, he’s 74 now so I want to spend more time with him.


Anyway, I must dash, I need to go and plug my radiator in so that I don’t get hypothermia when I go to bed.




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  1. We moved back in with my parents ‘for a few months’ when we moved back from Reading (before The Boy was born) while we were trying to find a house. We found one after a few months but it needed oodles of work doing to it and so we ended up living with them for a year!!! It was hard work, especially because my mum would rehang our washing on the line or radiator, and we didn’t like doing the deed in their home, but it was also wonderful to have so much support and time together.

    Good luck with the heating!

    1. Not sure I could do a year lol. But it IS nice to spend some time with Dad because our lives are just so separate these days, so I’ll at least have this to look back on. I just always feel like I’m in the way though … but it’s good of him to put me up, so I mustn’t grumble!

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