I like to think I do my bit for charity. A very small bit, but I try. If funds permitted, I would do a lot more. One thing I do like to do is donate clothes and assorted ‘stuff’ to my local charity shop and when I moved home last year, I not only gave them clothes, but furniture, books, DVDs … in fact, I probably donated more than I brought to my new house.


Having said that, there has been a bin liner, full of some of my nicer clothes, in the boot of my car for three months now. I keep meaning to take it to the charity shop but can’t seem to part with them. On a very selfish level, I need to sell them on eBay and keep the money for myself because as you know (I wang on about it enough), I am about to move home and have very little in the way of belongings to take with me.


It’s a dichotomy. I feel torn because I know there are people worse off than me and I should really donate everything I can, but at this point in my life I also need to look out for myself. (Oh God, I’m a horrible person.) I’ll be honest, another thing that puts me off selling things on eBay, is a) having to deal with buyers on eBay (fellow eBayers will know what I mean) and b) having to package everything up and mail it.  I’m not sure what the alternative is. I’ve had a stall at boot fairs before and they are even worse! Bartering over a book you’re selling for 10p is not my idea of how I’d like to spend my Sunday mornings.


Let’s face it, what I would really like is a Personal Assistant. Someone that can do all of my chores for me … and then give me all the money!


I move in less than a week and I really don’t think I’m going to have time to sell my stuff myself, plus I’m not sure if I can handle the guilt of not donating, so I’m heading to my local Sense shop today who, I’m sure, will be more than grateful for anything I give them.


What do you do with your surplus junk? Do you sell or donate?





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