I took my best friend to have a look around my new house last Saturday because I’m just SO DAMNED EXCITED, I needed to show someone ASAP. This way, when I wang on about “You know that corner of the dining room that’s by the patio doors that go into the conservatory” … someone can just nod along in agreement!


A lot of progress has been made, although you know what it’s like, these things tend to look worse before they look better! The old wallpaper has been scraped off the walls, the carpets ripped up, the tiles hacked away and the old kitchen ripped out. Luckily, I do have a little vision so I wasn’t too shocked.


The kitchen units have been bought and even though I mentioned I liked white, gloss units, I think I was way too subtle because my landlord has bought light beech ones. But to be fair, I am awfully laid back about what they do because a) it’s their house, b) I trust them to make the house neutral and b) they’re happy for me to put my own stamp on it once I’m in. The work top is matte dark grey/black with speckly bits in it (technical term) and should look OK with the light wood.


It’s a fairly small kitchen but will be plenty big enough for me because let’s face it, it’s highly unlikely Dexter will be doing any cooking – he’ll be happy as long as there’s room for the George Foreman so he can make toasted cheese sandwiches.


There will be room for a tall, free-standing fridge/freezer on the left as you walk in, and a Panasonic washing machine that I’ve got my eye on on the right. A new cooker will also be put in on the right, next to the washing machine, and the sink overlooks part of the garden.




I don’t know what colour the tiles will be, I don’t they’ve bought them yet, but something like this would be nice:



I’ve actually started buying things for the house now, and as much as I’m on a budget, I’m still managing to find some beautiful accents for my new home. I won’t show you in this post, namely because they haven’t arrived yet, but think copper, copper, copper!


Again, no idea what flooring they’ll put down, but a friend of mine works for Mrs Stone Store who sell some gorgeous tiles, so I’ve been having a nose – maybe something like this?


Mrs Stone store


It’s so frustrating not having a moving in date yet because I feel like I’m nesting like a pregnant woman, but I’ve got to be patient. Hopefully, it will all come together quickly. The electrics have been done, and the central heating was going in this week then I suspect the kitchen will be next.


Fingers crossed. Keep you all posted!



* In conjunction with Panasonic.

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