I like to think of myself as a pretty good mum. I am always there to listen to Dexter wang on about football and Minecraft, I drive him around the country (well, to Gravesend) at the weekend for football and I have even been known to feed him occasionally.


However, when it comes to Friday night, from now on, all bets are off.


Friday night is Gogglebox night. It’s curry from Tesco’s night. It’s a bar of Galaxy in bed night. It’s watching the new season of House of Cards night What it ISN’T is taking your kid to Youth Club night.


Don’t get me wrong, I take him more often than I don’t but I dread every Friday when I pick him up from school because I know the question is coming … “Can I go to Youth Club tonight Mum?”


As I sat in the car park today at 3.30pm waiting for him, I was deciding how I would best answer that question. My preference was to feign a migraine and just say I was too ill to take him. Or maybe I would just explain how much work I have to do and that I’m just too busy. In other words, lie. What I went for instead, was the truth.


“i’m really sorry son but I don’t want to take you. I don’t want to leave the house tonight. I just want to go home, have a bath, put my PJs on, watch some YouTube and relax.”


I would like to say that he took it well. And to be honest, it could’ve been worse. He ‘may’ have said “Yeah, but it’s only another school run”, but quickly realised the error of his ways. When he saw my face.


The funny thing is … for once, I feel no guilt whatsoever. I know I’m a good Mum and if I don’t want to take him, it’s not the end of the world. He’ll get over it. In fact, we just spent ten minutes playing ‘Stones & Rocks’ which is what I called ‘Rock, Paper Scissors’ last night when I was so tired I couldn’t even remember my own name. As parents, especially, dare I say it, as single parents, we want to please our kids so much, to make them happy, that sometimes we forget our own happiness so Youth Club, for tonight at least, can kiss my derriere.




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