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Do you ever watch TV and find yourself getting annoyed by TV ads? If so, you’re not alone. I find that the older I get, the more I get annoyed by inconsequential, unimportant things … like TV ads.


This blog post was prompted by one ad in particular. The Seven Seas ad which features a more mature lady working in some artsy office, the premise of the ad being that even if you’re well old, like in your 50’s or something, you too are allowed to go to Ibiza and have young men fancy you!


Here’s the ad:


“Young. It’s a state of mind. It’s not about how old you are, but how old you feel.”


URGH. Yes, this is true. So unoriginal though.


“I was just in Ibiza dancing with all the 20 year olds.”


Really? REALLY? Well fair play if you were, but why is hanging around with youngsters (oh God I sound SO old) such a great thing to do? I can’t think of anything worse (although I ‘may’ have done exactly that when I was in Rhodes last year with Mark Warner … but it probably took me 3 days/weeks to recover.)


I’m being overly sensitive, I recognise that, but as I approach 50 (even though it’s 5 years, 215 days, 46 minutes, and 4 seconds away), one thing I don’t want to be is a cliché. I’ve dated younger men and trust me, guys in their 20’s do NOT have their shit together and are only fun for perhaps an hour or so at a time. I’ve also been to Ibiza and can think of 100 places I’d much rather visit.


I hate the suggestion that older women have only ‘made it’ when they attract the attention of a man young enough to be their son. As my friend Jayne says, imagine if the roles were reversed … there’d be uproar that the scenario is really inappropriate – an older man enjoying the advances of a young girl.


Is a woman only validated when she attracts the attention of a (young) man?  And this scene, where he gazes too long at her just grinds my gears …


seven seas




My point is, the whole ad is a cliché. And it’s annoying. Although maybe it’s the thought of me approaching 50 that I actually find annoying because I remain 25 in my head. I don’t personally take multivitamins but I am not against them – I think they have a place for certain demographics (I just prefer to get all my vitamins from cakes and syrup covered pancakes) but surely these companies can do better?


I wonder who the creative was behind this ad was? Hmmm ….


Next time guys, ask us ‘older women’ what we really want to see and try to be a little less patronising. Take a leaf out of the #ThisGirlCan campaign and do better.





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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m 31 and feel the same. I am on a few online dating sites and I was absolutely incredulous the other day because I received a message from a 28 yr old saying ‘hey, how would you like to have some fun with a 28 yr old’ like I should be grateful a younger man is messaging me!

    This, despite the fact my profile clearly states I’m looking for something a bit longer term!

    He got rather short shrift from me, needless to say!


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