Choosing to foster a child is not a decision to be made lightly. It’s a life changing decision that requires much work. Obviously, fostering brings immense rewards, joy and helps you to create lots of happy memories but it needs to be the right decision not only for the child but for yourself. Here are 6 questions to ask when deciding if you’re truly ready for this important life change.


Why do I want to adopt?
This might seem like an easy question for you to answer but it is the most important one. If you are not able to conceive a child and you are considering adaption as an alternative, you need to ensure that you have gone through the grieving stages and you have thoroughly thought about all the different aspects and factors that will be involved with the child not being yours biologically.


Can you afford fostering, financially?
Fostering a child requires a lot of time and money. You need to consider the different costs that raising a foster child will involve in order to provide the foster child with the best quality of life possible.



What age of child is you interested in fostering?
Some parents interested in fostering want to get the full life experience of parenthood and therefore they choose to adopt infants. Would you prefer to skip sleepless nights and go straight to terrible two’s or teenage years?


Will you tell your child about adoption in the future?
You need to think about how you will share the news of adoption with your child in the future before you begin to consider the adoptive process. Creating this plan of action from the beginning will help you to worry about this topic less in the future.


Is your personal relationship strong enough for fostering?
Assessing the relationship with your partner is essential when deciding if you are ready for parenthood. It can be difficult assessing your relationship but it is the important foundation to provide a loving home for an adoptive child.


In the future, how would I feel if my child wanted to find his or her biological parents?
At some point in your adoptive child’s life they may have the desire to find their biological parents. You need to think about how you would deal with this and if you could cope with the emotions surrounding it.


It is important to think about these questions before going through the adoptive process. Considering the changes it will make to your life is necessary to make sure the decision is right for you and your family. If you are interested in fostering, visit websites such as Capstone who offer support and advice for those interested in fostering.




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