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I rarely go to the hairdressers to have my hair cut, I would say a maximum of 2 cuts per year. I’ve been with my hairdresser for over five years and you know what it’s like, once you have found someone that does your hair the way you like it, you can never EVER leave them.


However, when Ena Salon got in touch and asked if I would like to pop into their London salon for a haircut, I jumped at the chance! (If you’re reading this Hairdresser Matt – sorry!) But to be honest, I just presumed I would have a trim. Again. Because that’s all I ever have. I tend to make a lot of noise about wanting to cut my hair off, but never actually do it. I have a Pinterest board full of shorter hairstyles I love, but I have always lacked the courage to go for the chop. It took me so damn long growing this in the first place, I can’t bear to part with it


I asked Dexter if he wanted to come with me, as it was half term. His response? “Well I can either be bored in London or bored here, so I might as well just stay home.”


Fine by me sunshine. FINE BY ME!


My lovely friend Alice had put me forward to the salon and told me that Sam cuts her hair so, to ensure I had the best man possible for the job, I asked if he could also cut my hair. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Sam is incredibly hot. Nothing. At. All.


The salon is in Holborn, only two stops from St Pancras, and a two minute walk from the tube station, so really easy to find. I was given a really warm welcome by everybody. In fact, I think I had been asked if I wanted a drink four times by the time I sat down. Excellent customer service in my opinion.


Ena Salon


I think my hair took Sam by surprise. It really is a beast, to the point where he was relieved his next appointment called him to say he was running late. He realised he needed a lot more time with me.  For my hair that is. He started to comb through my hair, including the very attractive matted mound at the nape of my neck, but quickly realised he needed reinforcements so asked his assistant Yvetta to do one half whilst he did the other. Sam employed a very enjoyable finger technique (ON MY HAIR), whilst Yvetta gently combed through her half. Once combed through, I was taken upstairs to have my hair washed.


Ena Salon


The salon is set over four floors in a Georgian house and it’s really beautiful. Picture the complete opposite of Supercuts, and that’s Ena Salon.  The head massage alone was to die for and Yvetta put a copper conditioner over my hair which really brightened up the colour.


Once back downstairs with Sam, we talked about whether to chop my hair off or not. I showed him a couple of styles that I liked and I just felt the time was finally right for a new hairstyle. I was nervous, but Sam is very confident and even though I had only just met him, I trusted that he would do a great job.


And he did! He didn’t go too short, like some hairdressers have a tendency to do. He explained exactly what techniques he was using, and why, because I think he noticed I was probably a little nervous about having so much hair cut off. I explained that I really wasn’t after the Crystal Tips look, and he agreed that because my hair was so thick he wouldn’t cut the hair into a blunt shape at the bottom, but texture the ends so that there was movement. Or at least that’s what I think he said.


Ena Salon


Towards the end, he asked me to get out of my seat, walk round the back of the chair and hold on to it. Alas, it was only so that he could ensure the back of my hair was straight.




Ena Salon also runs a training academy, Allilon, which by all accounts is highly regarded, and it was really interesting to hear about Sam’s journey from the Vidal Sassoon training school to working for Pedro, who owns Ena. He’s very passionate about what he does, which came across, and put me, the customer, at ease. We all know how important a good, or bad, haircut is right?


I left the salon feeling like I should be in a L’Oreal commercial. My hair was shiny, in the best condition it’s been in years, and I found myself swishing my hair side to side all the way home, which probably explains all the looks I got. Sam had put a relaxing balm on my hair and a nourishing oil, which I really think I should invest in now my hair is shorter.


Ena Salon


Sam is classed as a Master Stylist, and the hierarchy of the salon dictates how much you pay. Is it worth it? Definitely. For me anyway, because I love my hair now and I just think it’s worth investing in the best haircut you can afford. Plus, I was even given a goodie bag 🙂 (Davines is their own brand of beauty and hair products.)


Ena Salon


Want to see the finished result?  *drumroll*


Ena Salon


ena salon






A big thank you to the guys who looked after me! Catch Ena Salon on Twitter at @EnaSalon.






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  1. Absolutely gorgeous new do! Really suits you. I love a nice trip to the hair dressers, it’s not the same here in France, at least not where I go, they tend to expect a trim and aren’t big on restyling you so when I ask for a new style they’re a bit freaked out, I have to take a picture in to demonstrate because I can’t explain what I want!

  2. Omg – your hair looks fabulous. I am off to get mine cut today, I was thinking of having it chopped back up to chin length, now I am not so sure! Aaargh!

  3. You look absolutely stunning Kate, you suit your hair straight as well as curly and they did an amazing job. Alice recommended me too so I might well pop in for a blow dry (or a tiny trim) as like my hair long when I next get some time in London. Fab, fab review x

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