I had a realisation this week that not only do I seem to be in the Bermuda Triangle of dating, but it also pertains to my wardrobe. Being 44 years old means that sometimes I am not quite sure what I ‘should’ be wearing or even what I want to be wearing. Throw being a size 18 into the mix, and buying clothes can often be rather troublesome.


Now some of you will have heard of Bonmarché but I have to say, I’ve never been into their shops before or ordered from their website. To me, it has always felt like a shop for the more ‘mature’ woman, although my best friend says she has bought many a staple item from there in the past. But for me, it has just never been on my radar. So when they got in touch to see if I would like to try out some of their clothes, it was one of those occasions where I just wasn’t sure whether to accept or not. To be honest, I felt a little awkward because I really didn’t want to offend anybody, but I just thought I wouldn’t find anything I liked and the last thing I wanted to do was model something on the blog I didn’t like, or promote a brand I wasn’t keen on.


However, I had a look at the David Emanuel range and realised that there were a few items that caught my eye. Quite whether that makes me a ‘mature’ woman, I’m not sure (although I remain permanently 25 in my head), but my thinking is that I’d much rather wear something that was comfortable and classy than squeeze into something that doesn’t suit me, just because it’s ‘on trend’ and I don’t want to give up my youth. Because the fact is, I’m not 25 anymore, and I’m at the age where I know what looks good on me and fits well, no matter where it’s from, so I’m glad I have given Bonmarché another try.


I chose three items, the first of which were these black, Ultimate Shape Enhancing Jeans:


bon marche


bon marche jeans


Honest to God, these are the nicest, most comfortable, most flattering jeans I’ve ever worn. Seriously. They’re a size 18 and fit me perfectly. Granted, I’ve lost a little weight and toned up lately, but these are amazing. Bear in mind I’m 5ft 8′ and these are regular leg length, but you can see that the length is just right for me. The description says it has a secret tummy and bottom panel but if I’m honest, it must be really REALLY secret because it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a girdle!


david emanuel jeans


“The clever shaping and the concealed stretch-mesh control panel will help give a figure-flattering silhouette. Comfortable enough to wear all day, these ladies’ jeans are made with super soft, stretch-denim, and feature a leg-lengthening shape. Sitting on the natural waist, they provide comfort without gaping at the waistband.”


After Dexter took these photos, I ended up wearing the jeans all day whilst walking around Bluewater and they didn’t ride up, sag or dig in anywhere. Not a camel toe in sight! I wish I’d found these jeans years ago and at £28 they’re worth every penny.


Next up, another David Emanuel piece, a silver-grey long-sleeved embellished blouse:


bon marche


bon marche


I ordered this in a size 22 because of ‘the girls’ and I’m glad I did because again, it fit perfectly. The material didn’t cling, it was long enough that it didn’t look like a baggy tunic, the jewels were subtle around the neckline and it wasn’t tight at all around the wrists …


bon marche


bon marche


I think the colour goes great with my skin tone and the only thing I’d point out is that if you have a tummy bulge (like me!) and you want to hide it a little better than I have, perhaps wear a vest or ‘bodyshaper’ of some sort underneath. I didn’t bother, but I still think it looks fab! It was £22, but is now only £7 … although unfortunately, sizes are now limited.


bon marche


And finally, I chose a David Emanuel Batwing Graduated Jewel Jumper:


bon marche

bon marche


bon marche


I can’t say I’m one for embellished jumpers but I think this is actually quite subtle. Plus … it is SO comfortable! The sleeves are 3/4 length, and batwing style, so you have loads of room to wave your arms about should you so wish! But I just think it’s really flattering (it’s in an XL) and paired with the jeans from earlier, it makes a great smart/casual outfit that I think I’ll wear when we take Dad out for his birthday this coming Friday.


So the motto is, don’t judge a book by its cover. The website might not be glamorous but if you look closely and have a little vision, there’s more to Bonmarché than you may think.






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  1. Love that batwing jumper! Lady you look GREAT! and you chose some great items (I so need those jeans!) It’s so try you need to have vision when shopping especially in shops you would normally avoid. Thats where you find the gems that not everyone is wearing. Its how you wear it and Kate you wear it like a hot 25 year old! (in all the right ways!) x

  2. i agree, I too at approaching 47 didn’t want to be seen walking in the doors of Bon Marche, and indeed they have a dedicated ‘granny range’…long sleeved ribbed jumpers with embroidered flowers and crimplene trousers, but they also have some fab, well priced classics especially the David Emmanuel range which I really like. I just purchased a very flattering chiffon top, and a fur hat. So well done Bon Marche, and well done Kate…brilliant review, I shall be seeking out those jeans

  3. Your legs looks fantastic in those jeans! Sorry if that sounds a bit pervy but the jeans look great. Great review and I agree some of their stuff might not be my cup of tea but there are certain pieces that are really lovely

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