If, like me, you only associate the brand FatFace with surfer dudes, you’re in for a surprise, because actually … turns out, they’re a whole lot more than that.


I think I’ve dismissed FatFace unfairly before, for that very reason – also because, as a bigger girl, I don’t want to go into a shop and feel like I’m not catered for (it happens a lot so I’m used to it, but still …) so when FatFace got in touch to see if I’d like to review some items from their new Activ88 range, I was unsure. Would they fit? Would I even like them? Am I, as a woman in her 40’s, really their target audience?


But that’s the thing about presumptions, you’re often proved wrong!


And that’s what’s happened because the clothes DO fit … and I LOVE THEM!




As you know, I’m a newbie cyclist, one who doesn’t actually cycle as much as she should – but the thought is there at least! I am also part of a small group called FitBitches … a group of friends brought together because we all have FitBits and wanted to give each other some motivation and support. Motivation to move more. It has been brilliant! We are all somewhat competitive and want to beat each other to see who can step the most each day and, when one of us is feeling down or despondent, the others are there to pick that person up.  My friend Nickie, who created the group, has even started a podcast where we chat about what our goals are, how exercise fits into our lives etc … and I’m this week’s guest! (If you’d like to listen, you can find the podcast HERE.)


I digress. My point is, that I am much more active now on a day-to-day basis than I ever used to be. I still find some days hard when I’m stuck at the laptop all day but, with the help of my FitBitch friends and a daily listen to my Slimpod, I will walk to the shops instead of drive. Or I’ll march around the football pitch at the weekend, instead of wait in the car. Which brings me back round to the point of this post … what to wear.


I have a couple of pairs of jogging trousers but they’re not conducive to cycling … I’ve definitely had the occasional ‘flap caught in the bike chain’ moment – most painful 😉  And also, even though I’m a big girl, I actually really like the slimline look and feel of ‘tighter fitting’ clothes.  Just because I’m big doesn’t mean I don’t have shape (I have ALL the shape … it’s just on a bigger scale!) and I’m not afraid to show that off!


I love the two items I chose. Firstly, a long sleeved, hooded top, with holes in the bottom of the sleeves for your thumbs to go in – genius idea!




As I’ve said before, Dexter is my photographer and so we’re not talking the best photos lol (bless him!) … but I hope you get a good idea of what the clothes look like. And I can tell you this, I haven’t stopped wearing them.  (Yes, I’ve washed them.) I chose a Large for both items and I’m a size 18, and 5ft 8′ (ish) so I hope that gives you an idea of how they would fit you. In fact, a friend has already purchased this top after seeing me wanging on about it on Instagram!


Don’t forget, I’m quite well endowed ‘up top’ and so the girls probably raise the top up a little more than usual, but it is SO comfortable.




Firstly, apologies for the washing on the radiator! Didn’t quite think that through … but this shot gives you an idea of the whole outfit.


The running trousers are dark grey, with a tiny floral pattern on it. The beauty of having a small pattern on the trousers is that it actually detracts from any wobbly imperfections you may have – I find that if you have a plain legging (unless it’s black), you can see ALL the lumps and bumps. And for me, until I get buns of steel, I’d rather direct attention to other areas!









OK, let’s talk price. You can find the ‘Moonshadow Running Leggings’ HERE and the ‘Activ88 Hoody Top’ HERE and at £42, and £48 respectively, they’re not cheap. BUT … I honestly wouldn’t ever recommend anything on my blog that I didn’t absolutely love and I think the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ really applies here. These are excellent quality items. They wash well, they’re comfortable and they’re a great fit. For me, as a woman who now tends to wear more active wear during the week than jeans, I’m happy to pay a little more for good quality clothes that will last me a long time.


All I need now is a new pair of trainers to complete my kit .. but until then, I’ll make do with what I have. I feel better now than I have done in a long time.


Long may it continue.






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  1. You look bloody fab – I agree a tighter look can slim more – I love Fat Face, I had a few pieces, not so much now I am very plus size – well done on the cycling xx

  2. Looking great! I just bought some leggings not too dissimilar to the ones you’re wearing, from Canadian brand Lululemon – not a brand I can usually afford, but I have a Christmas voucher! I like really thick cycling leggings myself, and even better if they have a slightly higher rise at the back – prevents the old sliver of bum from showing when I’m perched on my bike!

    You’re looking great Kate (poet!) and as I’m on a bit of a fitness kick myself at the moment, I can relate to how much better you feel when you’re moving around more!


    1. Thanks Sam! The leggings you have sound perfect – I find myself wearing 2 pairs to keep warm in this weather. If you’re into cycling at all, I’ve just signed up with Go Sky Ride to cycle every week starting at Riverside – let me know if you’re interested! xx

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