Is your bathroom letting the rest of your home down? Is your home modern and chic, whilst your bathroom looks old and shabby? Maybe it’s about time you paid more attention to your bathroom and gave it some TLC. Modernising your home doesn’t have to be a difficult or an expensive task, all you need to do is a bit of updating! Here are some simple ways to modernise your bathroom, without spending a fortune.

Look out for inspiration
Look through magazines, visit home websites and scroll through Pinterest to give yourself inspiration on how you would like your bathroom to look. This will give you an idea of how you want your bathroom to look and help you get started choosing furniture and accessories.

Work out what needs replacing
Step back and take a look at your bathroom. Does any of your bathroom furniture need replacing? You may not need to replace as much as you original thought. Have you thought about just giving it a thorough clean?

Add furniture
If you have a large bathroom, you can afford to add more furniture to create more storage and make the bathroom look neater and tidier Check out Ideal Standard bathroom clearance to get your hands on inexpensive modern furniture. White cabinet doors add a fresh, modern look to your bathroom – it’s also much prettier than seeing the pipes that run behind your wash basin.




Updating your light fittings could help to bring more light into your bathroom, which could transform the way your bathroom looks. Think about the style that you want your bathroom to have. How about switching things up altogether and having spot lights in your bathroom instead or spot lights above your mirror? You could install a dimmer for when you want to take a relaxing soak in the bath to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Think about changing the colour of your walls? You may be surprised what impact a new colour can make to your bathroom. Try and choose a colour scheme for your bathroom that you can stick to and chose your accessories to match – this makes the room look stylish and carefully thought out.

Choose towels and accessories that complement the rest of the bathroom and colour scheme. Think about adding artwork to the walls, scented candles to make the room smell pleasant, and a bouquet of flowers to bring the outdoors in.

Clear Out Clutter
Clutter can make the room look like it’s not cared for. Keep the bathroom minimalistic to make the bathroom look more eye-catching. If you browse through photos of modern bathroom designs when looking for inspiration, you’ll find that there are few items on the countertops and the items which are on the sides are neatly organised in containers.

Add personality
As much as your bathroom is about style and comfort, you want it to look like your home and not a showroom. Maybe use your favourite colour for the walls and accessories, add quotes that mean something to you to the walls or add your favourite flowers/plant to the countertops.






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