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So, as you may have seen via ALL my social networks (sorrynotsorry), I went to Paris this week. It was amazing! And I’ll be writing up my account of our day later this week.


I was most excited about seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time and I now totally understand why so many people propose there. It’s pretty romantic, as far as romantic landmarks go (I’m not sure I actually know that many more!) but isn’t it somewhat … clichéd?


I was sent some really interesting research this week about this very matter (check some more stats out here) and it’s fascinating! One of the weirdest stats being 4 out of 10 Dads use their kids to propose! How bizarre.


Now, as a single woman, I can’t say this subject is something that I particularly foresee in my immediate future, but I have been married before and I’m not averse to doing it again. Although I should probably work on getting a boyfriend first.


I was 19 when I got engaged … yes, I know, painfully young … (hindsight blah blah), but I was madly in love with my first ever boyfriend – the eldest’s Dad. He had moved in with me at my parent’s house and we were lying in bed one night. I think the conversation went something like this:


Him:    Shall we just get married then?

Me:      Yeah, OK.


I was disappointed I didn’t get the stereotypical grand proposal I’d dreamed of, but at the time, I was so in love I just didn’t care – I was getting to marry the man I loved so it didn’t matter to me.


Fast forward a ‘few’ years and I like to think that were I to ever get married again the next proposal might be a little more heartfelt.


One thing I learnt from reading this research was that a lot of men feel they have to follow the stereotypical ‘romantic’ proposal like going to the Eiffel Tower, or do it on Valentine’s Day. But in my experience, what I would really love is for the proposal to be from the heart. Something personal and unique. I don’t need fireworks to spell out ‘Will You Marry Me?’ or a flash mob performing a Bruno Mars song in front of my house.  (Actually, that sounds quite fun!)


And just a heads up to my future husband if he’s reading, there has been a 30% increase in proposals on social media since 2012 and as much as I love social media, any man that proposes via Twitter deserves to be dumped immediately.


I would love to hear about how your other half proposed to you! I’m hoping I’ll find the best marriage proposal story ever that will redeem my faith in men 🙂






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