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So, as you may have seen via ALL my social networks (sorrynotsorry), I went to Paris this week. It was amazing! And I’ll be writing up my account of our day later this week.


I was most excited about seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time and I now totally understand why so many people propose there. It’s pretty romantic, as far as romantic landmarks go (I’m not sure I actually know that many more!) but isn’t it somewhat … clichéd?


I was sent some really interesting research this week about this very matter (check some more stats out here) and it’s fascinating! One of the weirdest stats being 4 out of 10 Dads use their kids to propose! How bizarre.


Now, as a single woman, I can’t say this subject is something that I particularly foresee in my immediate future, but I have been married before and I’m not averse to doing it again. Although I should probably work on getting a boyfriend first.


I was 19 when I got engaged … yes, I know, painfully young … (hindsight blah blah), but I was madly in love with my first ever boyfriend – the eldest’s Dad. He had moved in with me at my parent’s house and we were lying in bed one night. I think the conversation went something like this:


Him:    Shall we just get married then?

Me:      Yeah, OK.


I was disappointed I didn’t get the stereotypical grand proposal I’d dreamed of, but at the time, I was so in love I just didn’t care – I was getting to marry the man I loved so it didn’t matter to me.


Fast forward a ‘few’ years and I like to think that were I to ever get married again the next proposal might be a little more heartfelt.


One thing I learnt from reading this research was that a lot of men feel they have to follow the stereotypical ‘romantic’ proposal like going to the Eiffel Tower, or do it on Valentine’s Day. But in my experience, what I would really love is for the proposal to be from the heart. Something personal and unique. I don’t need fireworks to spell out ‘Will You Marry Me?’ or a flash mob performing a Bruno Mars song in front of my house.  (Actually, that sounds quite fun!)


And just a heads up to my future husband if he’s reading, there has been a 30% increase in proposals on social media since 2012 and as much as I love social media, any man that proposes via Twitter deserves to be dumped immediately.


I would love to hear about how your other half proposed to you! I’m hoping I’ll find the best marriage proposal story ever that will redeem my faith in men 🙂






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  1. I never got a proposal from my husband. Can’t even claim to feel cheated as it was all down to me in the first place. You see, it was me who proposed to him. On holiday in India. At the Taj Mahal. At dawn. I think that’s pretty romantic 🙂

  2. Yeh, same with the 19 year old ‘shall we get married, then?’ thing. We lasted a year.

    With Mr E, I was having a wallow in the bath and was vaguely aware of him thumping around. The rummaging around seemed to get more frantic until he finally came in and said ‘look, I was going to propose to you tonight – my mum gave us my Grandmother’s engagement ring and I put it under the spare bed for safe keeping, but IT’S GONE!’. We’d had a party that weekend and became convinced that someone had found it and nicked it. Turns out he’d just pushed it further under the bed than he thought. He found it and proposed to me there and then. In the bath. Kind of spoiled the surprise though. Haha.

  3. Mine took me to Paris to propose, but he didn’t do it at the Eiffel Tower (he’s not big on heights!). We shopped together for a ring in Place Vendome, then immediately collapsed into a cafe for a bottle of red wine and a plate of pig knuckles because we were so overwhelmed. He did the down on one knee bit in our hotel room later. It was lovely 🙂

  4. My first husband just did Shall we get married thing when we were in the pub, no knee, no ring, no nothing and I STILL said yes. I can’t even claim the impetuosity of youth because I was 29 :/ Inevitably we didn’t last very long though we did have twins. My second husband proposed while in tears holding his 3 minute old newborn daughter in the delivery room, but I made him wait another five years before I said yes.

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