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Valentine’s Day isn’t far away and it’s the one day of the year us singletons are meant to hate. Actually, I don’t mind it too much. I’m a romantic at heart after all and I’m not so bitter (yet) that I can’t appreciate other people being in love.


As long as I’m nowhere near them!


Single or not, you can’t avoid seeing ideas for gifts everywhere on the internet right now and I often see gifts and think, “That’s exactly the type of gift I’d buy.”  Of course, it is a perpetual reminder that I’m going to die alone. But hey, at least I get a king-size bed to myself. Every cloud …


So with that in mind, I thought you might like me to give you a few ideas of what to buy the man in your life … even thought I don’t have one.


My first go-to shop for all present buying is always ‘Not On The High Street’ … and they have some fab present ideas on there for Valentine’s Day, so it’s a great place to start:


Beard And Moustache Care Gift Set


beard and moustache grooming kit“Everything a beard wearer needs to keep his facial forest happy.”

You know how much I love a beard (on a man, not on me), well this would be the perfect present for my beard-wearing boyfriend. (Yes, yes, were I to have one.) I think it’s a great price at £29.50 and contains Beard Soap (100ml), Beard Balm (100ml), Moustache Wax (25g) and a Beard Comb. It’s probably not the sort of thing your man would buy for himself so that makes it the perfect present!


Jo Malone London Gift Set

jo malone london travel gift setI think an aftershave gift set is always a great gift idea – not just for birthdays or Christmas, but for Valentine’s too. I chose this gift set in particular, pretty much for selfish reasons. I would say it’s a unisex gift set and so you can pass it off as a present for him but, y’know, it’s Jo Malone and we all know that her products are gorgeous so basically, we’re buying this set for ourselves. This particular set is £36 and contains a Lime Basil & Mandarin Travel Candle and Lime Basil & Mandarin Body & Hand Wash (100ml).


Smartphone Projector


smartphone projector

“The Smartphone Projector will allow you to transform your bedroom into a cinema experience for your friends and family. As well as magnifying the visuals, the silicone grip will hold your phone securely in place.”


I have absolutely no idea what this would be used for, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. It projects videos from your smartphone onto the wall! I secretly think this is rather cool and it’s really inexpensive at £15.99, so won’t break the bank. It’s a fact men (yes, yes … and women) love gadgets, so it would be something he’d no doubt show off to his mates if nothing else, whilst saying what an awesome wife/girlfriend he has.


Personalised Mix Tape MP3 Player



personalised mix tape mp3 player


There’s nothing more personal than a mix-tape right? This is just a 21st century version. This MP3 player is shaped exactly like a miniature cassete tape but works exactly like any other MP3 player. Cute no?  It has 2GB capacity so it holds around 200 songs … plenty of space to put your own songs on there too! Priced at £14.99, I think it’s a unique gift idea.


I hope you like what I chose. Remember me on Valentine’s Day as you exchange gifts won’t you? 🙂





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  1. I really like the suggestions. Sadly nothing so fancy in our house. Lager and favourite crisps. I get champers and we sit in the sofa and get quietly tiddly

      1. OH is currently growing a large beard. It gets bigger depending how stressed he is at work. I like to think of it as his beard of rage 😉

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