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A couple of months ago, a good blogging friend of mine put a shout out on Twitter to see whether anybody wanted to go to Paris. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris but I think I (rather idealistically) thought that I would always go with the man of my dreams. That didn’t really come out too well did it?


It didn’t take me long to message Alice (who blogs at An Essex Wife), to say that I would love to come along with her … if she’d have me that is! Thankfully, she said yes. Because the thing is, I just don’t want to ever miss out on opportunities, especially to travel, just because I’m single. Yes, it can be quite daunting to do things on your own sometimes … remember that time I went to the Royal Albert Hall to see Tori Amos on my own? That ended up being one of the best nights of my life!


So, being single is no excuse.


When we booked our tickets to Paris, it never crossed my mind at the time that we would ever be in danger. I’ve worked in London, on and off, all my adult life and I have always been aware of the threats made, but just got on with it anyway. I just didn’t expect it to be the case with Paris. Of course, no- one could have foreseen the shocking events that have recently taken place.


I had a minor wobble last week about whether I should still go not. It’s only a day trip, but I just suddenly thought that if anything, God forbid, were to happen to me, then what happens to Dexter? It sounds all very melodramatic doesn’t it? But in that moment, I honestly thought I was just taking too big a risk.


My lovely Facebook friends soon made me see the light and I quickly realised that this was an opportunity too good to miss.


So we are off to Paris in the morning! I’m meeting Alice in London at 8.00 am and we will be on our way to France by 9:15 am. We have no itinerary. We have deliberately not planned anything because we just want to you have a leisurely day in Paris, not one full of must-sees. For me, tomorrow is a little taster of what Paris has to offer because I fully intend to go back and explore it more indepth later in the year.


I can’t let my fear take over and nor will I be ruled by others.


I hope to bring you lots of lovely pictures whilst I am out there. However, I suspect they will just be photos of coffee, cake, and the occasional glass of champagne. Or two.


Au revoir!





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