I love the week between Christmas and New Year. The Christmas rush is over and no one is sure what day of the week it is as we all half return to work. All we know is that we’ve eaten way too much. Waistbands are a little tighter and jeans don’t do up. But all is not lost as there is a New Year just days away and New Year’s resolutions can be made and new starts can begin. There is New Year’s parties to plan. Should you go out and fight the queues or throw a big party for everyone. Or maybe a dinner party for the select few with fabulous food and witty banter.


Of course the most important bit about however you plan to celebrate ringing in the New Year and saying good bye to the old, is what you should wear. It seems, unless you attend a fancy dress party, is that it has to be sparkly. New Year’s party typically see more glitz and sparkle then at Christmas Parties. You can save money on your party outfits by using money off coupons at Voucherbin.co.uk and one of the best places to buy your sparkle is Ariella.


If the thought of being head to toe in dazzling sequins leaves you cold, you don’t just have to have a sparkly outfit. You could maybe snazz up an outfit with some wow factor glittery shoes. Every girl should have a pair of sparkly shoes that can liven up a plain outfit. Still too much? What about a sparkly clutch bag or should bag. You could add a glitter top coat to your nails or maybe a dusting of body glitter on your shoulders or back.


As you’re planning your New Year’s outfit you could also start to think about what resolutions you plan to start in the New Year. There are the traditional ones like go to the gym more or even start going to the gym. To give up drinking for a month or maybe smoking is your vice you want to give up. How about trying resolutions like wearing skirts more if you don’t wear skirts very often. Or maybe wear heals at least once a week. Or do your nails more often and take more pride in them. You could start a new beauty regime like moisturising every day or being more adventurous with your makeup.


If you’re not sure about planning New Year resolutions because you know you will give up a few days or weeks in, try doing them for a month. When you make a traditional resolution it can be rather daunting to think you will be doing the new resolution for a year. So daunting you may give up before you start. But if you make a deal with yourself to do the resolution for a month and then see after the month if you want to carry on, you’re more likely to complete the month. Knowing you’re doing something for just a month is more achievable than a whole year.






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