Some of you may remember that I began renting in March this year after being in my previous house for 20-something years. It’s been a challenge getting used to a new house but we’ve been extremely happy here and I’ll honestly be gutted when we move on in three months’ time.


The house came partly furnished, which was a Godsend at the time because I had had to sell most of my worldly possessions when we moved, in order to raise enough money for a deposit … #longstory, and so we didn’t have much.


Over the past nine months, as I’ve struggled to get back on my feet, I’ve made occasional purchases of furniture when I could afford it (eBay has come up trumps on more than one occasion), in order to try and make this house our, albeit temporary, home, and I’ve done as much as I can.


However, I just never had the funds for the finishing touches. The candles, the mirrors, the cushions. The new duvet covers. The lamps. I’ve had my duvets for over six years now and, although it’s not the end of the world, everything I did own was just so old. All reminders of a previous life.


This house, this year, was all about a new start for my boys and I and so when George Home (Asda) got in touch to see if I’d like to order a few bits and pieces from the homeware section of their website, I could have cried.


I spent a lot of time deciding what to order because storage is at a premium here so I’m unable to buy furniture to take on to our new house next year. Everything had to be relatively small, but items that I’ve put off buying myself for the last three years.


I think I chose well and am absolutely delighted with everything!


My Bedroom







I was a little wary of going for a duvet cover so bold, but decided that as I only have to please myself, I’d go for it! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get extra pillow cases to match, but it really doesn’t matter, because nobody sees them and at this price, you could buy several sets to interchange.


I have plain white walls and curtains in my bedroom so this pattern doesn’t clash with anything else in the room so the brighter the better!


Dexter’s Bedroom






I have bought most products for Dexter’s bedroom because it is the only bedroom in this house that was never decorated.  I felt a little sorry for him!  I can’t believe how much difference these additions have made:


  • A bedside cabinet that I built myself! I’d just like to say that for once, I found the instructions extremely clear and easy to follow and it probably took me an hour to complete.
  • A lovely rug that he now lays on whilst playing his PS3, instead of the old carpet. I also have one in my room.
  • A full length mirror, because, even though he won’t admit it, he’s at that age where he’s starting to take notice of how he looks. Plus, I will totally steal it when he’s not looking.
  • A silver lamp that is both modern and useful – he has a tendency to do his homework in the near-dark.
  • A new lampshade that casts a light pattern on the ceiling.
  • Two new hollowfibre ‘extra bounce’ pillows.
  • A double, hollowfibre, duvet. Dexter has always had a single duvet and getting a double is a genius move – the duvet hasn’t fallen off his bed once since!
  • A wonderful ‘Underground’ duvet set that we are both so pleased with. It’s reversable (the other side has all the striped colours of the underground on it.)






We already have everyday crockery but I thought it would be nice to have something special, not just as Christmas was approaching, but for other special occasions too. I decided to go for this beautiful silver speckled, white set of crockery. The set came with four plates, side plates, bowls and mugs which, for a family of two (and sometimes three) is perfect.


I also chose a small candle and wreath as a centrepiece, but I was a little disappointed that it was so small and not joined together, which is my fault for not checking the dimensions! But you would need to have a non-flammable plate underneath to place it on. It does come complete with a tealight though, which I thought was a good touch.






My bathroom is small, yet certainly big enough for us. I decided to go for a few splashes of colour to brighten up the otherwise grey, beige and white bathroom. I bought some aubergine bath sheets, teal hand towels (to match the teal bin I already had), a dark grey pedestal set (I have a tendency to have very deep baths with overflowing water!) and finally, something I don’t usually own, a set of electronic Salter scales – just to keep track of my recent weight loss journey.









I love candles. Specifically Yankee Candles! But if you’re anything like me, they really are a luxury (ie. they’re not cheap,) so I decided to take full advantage and get my year’s worth of cinnamon scented candles ordered!


My lounge is a little oasis of calm and tranquility (when the boys aren’t in it that is!) … and I love this little corner of the lounge I’ve made. It’s got my dark grey table lamp, my framed degree, some fairy lights, nail varnishes and candles – it’s so lovely! The smell is amazing.


These extra luxurious touches have turned my house into a home and I couldn’t be happier!






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  1. Gorgeous finishing touches! I love Dexter’s bed sheets and the rugs. I just put down a new fluffy one in my daughter’s room and she plays in there so much more now that she has something comfortable to sit on.
    Hope your move goes well in the New Year Kate

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