Merry Boxing Day!


So that’s it folks … Christmas is done and dusted for another year and I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families. Dexter kept telling me throughout the day that … “This has been the BEST CHRISTMAS EVERRRRRRRR!”, so I think I did alright!


Christmas is about over-indulging, as well as family-time, and there’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself with all the luxuries you love. However, if you’re anything like me, come Boxing Day, when you’re having to wear another pair of elasticated trousers, you start to look forward to the New Year and how you can quickly shed the weight you’ve quickly put on.


I’m in a slightly different position in that I’ve been putting weight on steadily over the years and the reason is really quite simple … more calories taken in than calories worked off = weight gained. Add Christmas to that equation and I think the time is right to shed some pounds!




And that’s where Slim.Fast come in.


I’m tired of the groan I make every time I get out of a chair, tired of how out of breath I get when I cycle to school and I don’t like how my size 18 clothes are starting to feel tight. As a tall woman, I carry the weight a little better than a short person but the fact is, it’s just not healthy.


Slim.Fast have got in touch to see if I’d like to try out their 3-2-1 Challenge, which breaks down as follows:


  • 3 Snacks per day
  • 2 (nutrient rich) Meal Bars or shakes per day
  • 1 x 600 calorie meal per day


I’ve been sent all the above to see me through this challenge – you can see it covers my entire sideboard! I’ll be trying out all the different flavours, working out what I like and what works best for me.


My daily calorie intake will be circa 1400 calories, depending on how strict I am, and I will keep a diary (video and written) about how I find the challenge and, as ever, I will be as truthful as I can about how I find it.


I haven’t undertaken this challenge lightly and I will take it seriously, not only because it doesn’t benefit me to do something like this half hearted, but I am also very aware that I will be reporting back to others who may be interested and I want to give you a fair assessment of it.


My next post will be on 2nd January 2015, so come back and see how my first week went – I’ll be doing this challenge for two weeks. Until then, I’m off to the sales!


Enjoy your break everyone!





Slim.Fast is dieting made easy and is scientifically proven to help dieters lose weight and then maintain their target weight.*
Slim.Fast 3•2•1 Plan is designed to deliver a total intake of approximately 1,400 calories a day for women (1,600 calories for men). This should result in 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss a week.

*Substituting two daily meals with meal replacements helps to lose weight in the context of energy restricted diets.



Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Slim.Fast via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Slim.Fast.



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Published by Kate Sutton

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