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As a parent, I’d do anything for my children. Anything. Including having three days of every week involve football in some capacity. We’re talking football practice on Friday night (Friday night!!!!), Saturday morning (really early!) … and then a match on Sunday. So, you know, I think I do my fair share of ‘football stuff.’


The thing with being a single parent is that you can’t delegate the things you don’t like doing. You want a lie-in on Saturday? Afraid not … there’s no-one else to take your kid to football. But you just suck it up, along with every other parenting duty, because … well, that’s just how it is.


As much as I may like to have the occasional ‘woe is me’ moan about how cold my feet are whilst stood on a football pitch, the pros definitely outweigh the cons – at least for Dexter! He’s getting fit, he’s made new friends and it gets him off his PS3!


Funnily enough, I actually don’t mind watching the occasional football match on TV with Dexter because his passion is just so infectious. His football knowledge is amazing and he loves to bombard me with football trivia … although, when it gets too much, I have to tell him, ‘The football shop is shut now son’ … which is code for ‘no more football chat please, my brain hurts.’


Christmas is one of the few times during the year where I have both of my boys with me and come Boxing Day, I know I’ll be out-voted and instead of watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (again), we’ll have the football on. But little do they know I have a trick up my sleeve!


Betfair got in touch because they heard about all my good work in the football field (geddit?) … and thought I deserved a treat. The timing was perfect.


And so I have been sent the Pamper Parcel of all Pamper Parcels. A Pamper Parcel so big that … well, it’s just really big. (You may remember me mentioning Pamper Parcels before … and you can read about that here,) but this is the MOTHER OF ALL PAMPER PARCELS!


OK, you get the idea.


So the plan is that when the boys want to watch the footie, I do ALL the pampering and just leave them to it – genius! It’s a win/win. They don’t have me asking what the offside rule is, and I can just have an hour or two to myself eating chocolate. What’s not to love?


I think the best way to describe how amazing this package is, is by filming the unboxing so you get to see what’s in the box the same time as I do!



I hope you enjoyed that and thanks again to Betfair for sending me this amazing Pamper Parcel … you have no idea how much I’m looking forward to it!






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