I took myself off to London earlier this week for a little trip. No children, no work, just a spot of Christmas shopping with a new friend.


I should mention that I’ve never met this friend before. We met on Twitter you see … so, just like with a blind date, there was the possibility she could have been a nutter. I suspect she thought the same about me!


She wasn’t a nutter of course, she was lovely, and it was strange how … it wasn’t strange at all!


We started out with coffee and gossip, then wandered down Oxford Street, totally convinced we were going to be mugged at any minute (we weren’t), stopped at Zizzi for lunch and finished off with some candle shopping, as you do.


It’s funny because at the ripe old age of 44, I just presumed I was too old to make new friends. Acquaintances, yes, but someone I’d enjoy hanging out with? Nope. But life has a habit of surprising you just when you need it.


I hope you enjoy the video I’ve made … it’s just a spot of window shopping mainly, although our day was spent only buying jewellery and carbs!




Merry Christmas!

kate sutton


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