You buy them for your mum, dad, siblings, maybe even for your children, but do you buy presents for your pets at Christmas? Some may think it’s a little daft but for others buying presents for their pets is as important as buying them for anyone else in the family.

If the latter sounds like you, here are some ideas you could buy for your pet this Christmas…


Festive Dog Treats

Show me a dog who doesn’t love treats and I’ll show you a fibbing dog! However, with it being Christmas, you might want to go fully festive and get them some Christmas-themed treats. And they don’t just have snowmen or reindeer on the box; you can get dog versions of mince pies, Christmas cake and even after dinner mints. Check out the Vet Medic website if you’re sceptical!


Cat Scratching DJ Deck

You may have seen this video featuring a cat ‘scratching’ on a set of DJ decks. You may think it’s hilarious or you may think it’s a little cruel. However, you can recreate this (sort of) but actually give your cat the benefit of a scratching post with this cat scratching DJ deck from Not on the High Street. Whether they’ll actually use it remains to be seen, but it’s still a quirky piece of kit for your kitty.



Chew Toys

Because if you have a dog then you’ll know that you can never have enough chew toys. Try one that looks like a Christmas pudding to make it more festive for the 30 seconds before they rip it to shreds.


Bunny Jumps

If your rabbit is a little on the plump side and you think it needs a new regime for the New Year then you could pop a bunny jump in its stocking. They’re great if you have a house rabbit or one that lives in a hutch outside, and if you really wanted to you could buy a few and set up your own rabbit obstacle course.


A New Collar

There are many reasons why collars are important for cats and dogs, and even for rabbits in certain circumstances, and so Christmas could be a good time to get them a new one. You can buy personalised collars (not that they’ll know), novelty collars or more useful collars such as those that light up, which is perfect when out walking at night.


Hamster Activity Tower

If you own a hamster then you probably already have a wheel and a ball for it to have a run around in, but you might find they get a little bored with those. However, this climbing tower from Boredom Breaker is a great idea for giving your hamster something different to do. They do all sorts of different products for different animals, all of which would make great presents for your furry friend.




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