This blog post is one of the posts that really, at the age of 44, I shouldn’t be posting. Trust me, I’m not going to come out of this looking good. Having said that, WitWitWoo has always been a bastion of honesty, integrity and the occasional silliness, and so  today I’m talking about … FAMOUS PEOPLE I  FANCY BUT PROBABLY SHOULDN’T.


I expect to win a Pullitzer for this.



1.    Lenny Henry


Lenny Henry


I can’t say I watched Tiswas and thought, wow, Lenny Henry … phwoar. In fact, he’s not really my type of comedian … BUT, just lately, as he’s got older, I’ve just thought more and more how I totally would.  Firstly, he played the part of Othello. I loved the fact he made such a departure from his usual appearances and, having studied Shakespeare for a year at Uni, I just love seeing famous people in these type of roles.  (Couldn’t get a ticket for love nor money mind you.)  I then saw this photo of Lenny whilst reading The Guardian’s Top 100 Media List and I was smitten.  He’s an advocate for more more ethnicities being visible in creative industries, he’s smart and talented … the grey hair, the serious face … yup, that’ll do for me. A poor man’s Idris Elba if you will.


2.    Damian Lewis (aka Brody from Homeland)


Damian Lewis


Now obviously, I’m a big fan of The Gingers … being one myself, but I can’t say there are any ginger men I’ve ever been remotely attracted to. Until now. I’m a latecomer to Homeland and it’s one of the best shows I’ve watched this year but trust me when I say that most of the time, Damian Lewis does not look hot in this show. AT ALL. And yet still … there is just something about him. It’s definitely the eyes.


3.    Bradley Walsh


Bradley Walsh


No, I have no idea either, but ever since I saw him in a panto in Chatham where I laughed like a lunatic for an hour non-stop, I’ve been in love. The Chase also happens to (coincidentally?) be our favourite quiz show and so I get to see him every day on my telebox. Another silver fox, he’s hilarious, when he gets the giggles it is so infectious and just seems like a ruddy nice bloke. He’s also in Law & Order UK (so I’ve been reliably informed) and I think I may need to get that boxset for a bit of me time.


4.    Chris Moyles


Chris Moyles


I think my choices might be getting a little stranger now, but I was always a fan of Chris Moyles’ radio show back in the day and I’ve seen come across him recently (as it were) as he got a lot of press over his new YouTube channel.  He’s lost weight, which really suits him, and as you know, I’m a notorious beard lover and so his stubble totally did it for me too.  I find him really funny – his sense of humour is an acquired taste, as his sarcasm/dry wit can be a little OTT but still, I just think he’d be great fun to be around.  Until, that is, a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of a Tweet he sent which mocked Gemma Collins wearing a swimsuit in a recent episode of I’m A Celeb. And now I think he’s a twat. But he still made the list.


5.    Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy (as I like to call him) is an American TV chat host and a very naturally funny guy. He also seems to be best friends with Justin Timberlake which, you know … wouldn’t mind one of those sandwiches.  I digress … he’s funny, cute, can dance (or sorts – Google his ‘history of rap’ dances) and I just think he’s probably a really good husband. Yes, I think about these things.



Now I’ve metaphorically bared all, it’s your turn. Who are your weird crushes?






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  1. I with you on Damian, never watched Homeland but seen him in something else and was rather taken with his slightly moody redhead way! Would love a bit of Lenny too though the beard would have to go, easily sorted!

    Bradley Walsh, KATE….that is all I am saying! xxxx

  2. I saw Damien Lewis in Hamlet with Ralph Fiennes years ago! Love Ralph btw! Homeland is awesome too series 4 is rocking! Anyway…love this post. You should have a linky so we can all admit our odd likings 🙂

  3. Im sensing a trend here.. you like funny guys seeing as there are 2 ( or more ) on this list. But WHOOA Yes to Damian Lewis and Jake Wood aka Max from Eastenders.

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