I’m due an upgrade on my phone. And you know how I know that? Because a certain third party retailer rang me ninety billion times last week to tell me.


Now I’m normally a calm, rational person. I’m friendly. Heck, I’ve even been known to say to cold callers, “Thanks for calling.” Not that I meant it mind you. But by the fifth call that day I may have lost it and shouted, “STOP BLOODY CALLING ME!!!!!! I DON’T WANT A BLOODY UPGRADE!!!!!!!” down the phone.


However, a) I forgot Dexter was next to me at the time so we had to go through the whole “Why is it OK for you to swear and not me” conversation and b) I DID actually want an upgrade, I’m just extremely stubborn and hate being told what to do! J


It’s funny but I was never one of those people who cared what phone they had. As long as I could make calls and receive the occasional text, I was good. But once you’ve gone Apple, it’s very hard to go back. My Dad, bless him, still has an ancient Nokia that he’s more than happy with, but I use my phone for absolutely everything so I really don’t know how I’d cope without one. (I would cope, of course.)


I spend way too much money at the moment on my tariff – put it this way, it’s £40+ … and so I wondered whether I should try out a SIM only deal. The jury is currently out on what tariff to go for but I will upgrade to an iPhone 6 … although one thing is worrying me. Now don’t judge, but I have always kept my phone … in my bra. It’s safe because no bugger ever goes down there and although it may get occasional … sweaty, it’s great because it’s always accessible! (Sorry for the image of a sweaty iPhone.) But after hearing about Bendgate (the iPhone 6 has been known to bend in pockets), I’m not sure I like the idea of my shiny new phone being shaped like my left boob.


I’m a sucker for a new gadget so I’ll order the phone this week. Oh didn’t I mention? Yeah, after calling me every day for a week, they don’t actually have the phone in stock. Because that would make too much sense. So I have to order it!


*frustrated sigh*


Actually, my eldest rang this week and said he was going to bite the bullet and buy an iPhone but, being the awesome Mum that I am, I said I’d give him my phone instead. One less Christmas present to buy!


I wish I didn’t love my phone so much … but I do. I panic when I don’t have it. I find myself always patting my chest to double check it’s still there, which means I get the occasional weird look when I’m out!


Are you a technophile too?





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