Hello. I’m back!


You may have seen that I’ve been on a cruise this week. I know, I know … you all hate me. I was there on behalf of Cruise Magazine and my article will appear in one of their upcoming issues. (I’ll also blog about it once it’s been published there.)


As you can imagine, I had a fantastic time. Cocktails, canapés, sunshine, gala dinners … sight-seeing. Glorious. But, all joking aside, it IS work and it’s something I take very seriously. Yes, it was fun but it was all with a view to making sure I create a fantastic piece of copy for the magazine.


My life as a single parent is one constant juggling act. For the most part, I manage to keep my head above water (#SwanDuck) but when I get the opportunity to do paid work, I grab it with two (very grateful) hands. (That sounded better in my head, but you know what I mean.)


Life as a freelancer, who is also a single parent, is especially difficult, and as much as I missed Dexter whilst I was away, we both know I’m doing my best, as always, to build a future for the two of us. (My eldest is nearly 20 but is kinda in that equation too.) Some days I get to go on cruises and exciting trips away, other days I’m slogging away at my laptop in a cold lounge because I can’t justify turning the heating on just for me.


After arriving home from Spain yesterday, today brought me back down to earth with a massive bump, when I spent the morning on a cold and extremely wet football touchline. Have a look at that photo above … the first photo was taken on the ship as I went to the Gala dinner on Friday and the second, well, that’s self explanatory.


But supporting your kids in all weathers is just what you do isn’t it? And there’s nothing like falling over a stile into a puddle of mud to make you realise you’re not cruising the Med anymore.


Talking of normality … tomorrow brings a change to our normal daily routine. Dexter is doing his cycling proficiency training this week at school (you may remember me mentioning this meant I had to go out and panic buy two mountain bikes last week.) Well here’s the thing. His bike doesn’t fit in my car and so the only way I can get his bike to school is by actually cycling with him.


I did NOT think this through!


I thought it was a great idea at the time … when I was sat in my warm lounge by the fire, but in fact what will happen is that it will rain tomorrow, we will be tired, miserable and not happy about any of it. But we will soldier on and I have done my best to prepare. Insofar as I completely forgot all about it and rushed out to Argos at 3.30pm today (Sunday) to buy two locks, thermal gloves and eleventy billion extra socks.


I also forgot that I would have to do that trip four times tomorrow!


It’s been a tale of two halves lately and that’s just fine by me.






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