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Dexter and I went shopping for bikes this week. Nothing whatsoever to do with suddenly being told he’s doing his Cycling Proficiency test next week (as we used to call it) … and him not actually having a bike to do it on.


Talk about panic buying.


I have had to sell a kidney first before I could afford to buy the bikes but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for months. We ended up leaving our old bikes at our old house when we moved (too old and rusty – the bikes, not me), and all kids need a bike right?


Children at Dexter’s school aren’t allowed to ride their bikes to school until they’ve passed this test and so it really IS A BIG DEAL.


We were talking about it this morning in the car on the way to school and I suggested that it might be a good idea if, now we live in the next town from school, we both cycle to school once he’s passed his test. I expected to get ‘the look’. Those with pre-teens/teenagers will know what I mean … the look that says ‘you have GOT to be kidding me’ but actually, he said it sounded like a great idea.


I ran with it.


OK, so we need to think about what kit we need so that we can cycle to school safely. He agreed. Comfy trousers were at the top of both of our lists … although a gel seat for ‘ladies’ was a pre-requisite for me! Now safety wasn’t really at the top of Dexter’s list, although he was absolutely adamant (not Adam Ant) that he MUST have a helmet (because Mr Harris told him he couldn’t take the test otherwise.) Nice one Mr Harris – this way, I don’t have to nag Dexter and I’m not the bad guy for once. Result.


Now all of the above has coincided really well with a ‘BE SAFE BE SEEN’ campaign that I’ve been made aware of that is being run by The Co-operative Funeralcare. Please don’t be distracted by the ‘funeral’ bit … because they actually do a fantastic job when it comes to raising awareness of safety for school children, particularly those aged 3-7. They have also produced a video that I think is pitched just right to these school children and you can have a look at that here.



The great thing about this campaign is, you can also ensure your child’s school gets in on this badge action by contacting your local Co-operative Funeralcare branch, leave your school’s details and the Co-Op will get in touch. Alternatively, you can reach out to them via their social media:






Over the past 5 years, The Co-operative Funeralcare have given out over 160,000 yellow, high visibility reflective pin-badges to 1,500 schools and youth groups, whilst also delivering their safety message to school assemblies or lessons about road safety prepared by road safety charity, Brake for Children.


So Dexter now has his badge, which looks like this:


reflective badge


… and I have avery fetching neon pink, waterproof jacket that I will wear.  We may not be the height of fashion but EVERYONE will see us coming!




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