Oh I do love a good Q&A.  Nothing better than inflicting my POV on everyone … which is totally why we blog right? Anyway, when my lovely blogging friend Jayne (Mum’s the Word) tagged me, I thought I’d join in.  So here are her questions, my answers, and then I’ll tag some other victims/friends with my own questions.


Off we go!


What was the last thing that made you cry?

Well if you’d seen this video of me talking about my late Mum, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m pretty (overly) emotional. I’m not, I don’t think. Having said that, I’m not afraid to cry in front of Dexter anymore – that used to be a big no-no for me but I realised, after the split from his Dad, that it was much better to be honest about how I feel about things. So if I see something sad on TV, I’ll happily shed a few tears! In fact, I think the last thing I properly had a good cry over was a Gogglebox celebrity special for cancer charity and a little boy called Lloyd was featured. Every bugger cried … including me, Dexter and Noel Gallagher.


I’m a great believer in not repressing your feelings, but I think that’s only something that has come to me later in life.


Finish this sentence…”Never have I ever…”

Oooh, I’m sure there are LOADS of things I’ve never, ever done. Honest! I’ve never taken drugs, I’ve never been to Paris (must remedy that immediately), and I’ve never jumped out of a plane. And that last thing … that will remain on my ‘never to do’ list.


What’s the tastiest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I wrote about that recently here … but other than those three things, the tastiest thing I’ve eaten recently has to be the double cheeseburger from Five Guys. Oh. My. God. I’m not sure exactly how they make it taste so good but I swear to God, it’s the best burger I’ve ever eaten. The bacon is smoked and crunchy, the onions aren’t too strong, they just give a nice little tang to it – lettuce, mayo and cheese and you’re in heaven. It think it’s nigh on impossible to talk about only one amazing thing you’ve eaten because sometimes it’s the setting that makes the difference (I’m a sucker for sunshine!) or the people you’re with, but I love food (obviously) and I wish I had the money to visit more restaurants. Seeing as it’s just me and the sidekick (ie. Dexter), I actually think it’s a good thing to take children to nice restaurants once in a while – it’s a good opportunity for them to put the manners they’ve learnt into practice and appreciate something other than a Hawaiian pizza.


Would you rather fight one elephant sized gerbil, or 1000 gerbil sized elephants? Why?

One elephant sized gerbil. I’ve actually put a lot of thought into this you’ll be glad to know and I figure that an elephant sized anything would be dead slow. In which case, I am bound to be quicker (I’m not quicker than many things but I think even I’d be quicker than an elephant sized gerbil) … and I would definitely have time to find a massive piece of rope (that’s just lying around in the lounge,) tie its legs together, knock it on its side with a … erm, broom. Once it’s down, IT’S GAME ON.


I’d win ten times out of ten.


If you had £50 to spend on something JUST for you, on what would you spend it?

A bottle of cheap Prosecco, a new nail varnish (I already have forty-nine squillion but really need one more,) a bar of Divine caramel milk chocolate … and a takeaway, so I don’t have to cook. Oh, and a couple of scratch cards. Living the dream people, living the dream.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen somebody do?

I’ve seen a lot of weird shit in my time, TRUST ME. But probably the most recent weird site was when I was in Costa by St Pancras, with my friends Kate (who blogs at Katie and the Kids) and Kelly (Domestic Goddesque.) We were due to go to the Laura Ashley hotel event and a woman behind Kelly was getting a little impatient because she wanted our table. As we collected our bags and left, we turned round to see a toothless woman hold her teeth in one hand, stuffing her face/gums with slices of ham with the other.


I’d say that was pretty weird.


If you could have one superhero’s powers, what would you choose?

Funnily enough, I’ve just found the TV programme ‘Misfits’ which used to be on C4 I think, and it’s all about a group of young kids who get superhero powers when they’re involved in a weird storm. Normal. Anyway, it’s a great series.


I digress. Superhero power … teleportation is kinda cool. Imagine being able to go anywhere, anytime. There you are, in the queue at Tescos, losing the will to live, thinking you’d rather be on Bondi Beach ogling the lifeguards and BAM!!!! …. you turn your powers on (or whatever superheroes do) and you’re there!


What would be the first sentence of a book about your life?

Kate was walking proof that God had a sense of humour.



Brilliant questions weren’t they?!  Here are mine, and I tag Amanda, Nickie, Charlotte, Alison and Katrina:


  • Would you rather have Christmas every day or never again?
  • How do you unwind after a hard day?
  • Would you rather have a head the size of a tennis ball or watermelon?  (And why.)
  • What’s the worst date you’ve ever had?
  • What would your perfect job be?
  • What was the last thing you bought on eBay?


A fairly random selection of questions … over to you ladies!





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  1. Absolutely loving your answers, although I’d definitely go for the 1000 gerbil sized elephants – elephants are super sweet and mini ones would be even cuter. Plus, if they decided to attack, it’d be so much easier to pick those little buggers off one by one than fight of a giant rodent!

  2. We have a Five Guys here, and I’ve never eaten there. Mainly because when the place went in, my husband started making all these jokes (with the kids) about “Five Guys for sale,” “Five Guys smelly armpits,” “Five guys who can’t cook.” Now I’ll have to try them…

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