I’m writing this from one of my many offices … aka Costa. It’s a great space for people watching/procrastinating when you’re actually meant to be working. I like to think of it as providing me with an environment to enjoy life’s rich tapestry.


Or just laugh at how moronic people can be.


Take this morning. I sat at my usual table … a table for two so people can’t join me. (Suffice to say I’m not a morning person.) It’s facing the door so I can ensure I see absolutely everyone that comes in. Remember I wrote about the hot bearded guy in the café? See? Wise to see what/who comes in first and stake your claim. (Did I say that out loud?)


Anyway, so I’m sat at ‘my’ table, and a woman comes in, then just stands inside the doorway. It’s obvious she’s waiting for someone as she keeps doing that thing where you check your watch a lot to show other people that you’re not just standing there for no reason and you are, in fact, well … waiting for someone.


She waits for her friend … standing up … by the door … for 16 whole minutes. (Yes, I timed it.)


Which begs the question – why not just bloody sit down, enjoy a coffee and wait for your friend in comfort?


I can think of nothing better than enjoying a coffee in a café in peace … preferably on my own. And when I say ‘with no company’, I do, of course, specifically mean,  no kids.


But not for this lady. Oh no. She just LOVES standing by a drafty door in the middle of Autumn waiting for what could be, for all we know, an imaginary friend. I mean, she wasn’t imaginary, she did eventually turn up.


It got me thinking. Why are some people so afraid to embrace being on their own? Granted, my ‘aloneness’ has been somewhat foisted on me, but I have never seen being single as a reason to act any differently to how I would normally act. In fact, I adore time on my own, I always have.


Solitude is good for the soul (not too much solitude mind you … tends to send you a little stir crazy), but I think nothing of going to a restaurant, café, cinema, anywhere … on my own. It gives you time to become ‘at ease’ with who you are as a person. You are not part of a coupling. You are not someone else’s wife or girlfriend … you are you. It’s rather liberating.


I remember feeling like I had completely lost my identity when I was in my last relationship and I’ve vowed to never let that happen again. I like to think that I’m pretty good company and you gotta be your own No.1 fan right?


So yeah, people can be morons. I definitely have moronic tendencies … but maybe this lady in the café wasn’t an actual moron … maybe she was just a little shy, or lacking in confidence. Perhaps she’s ‘lost’ herself a little or maybe … she just likes standing by cold doorways. Who knows? I’m not judging. Well I am, she should have just sat down and embraced being on her own.


It’s not so bad.







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