To prevent colds and flu this winter ensure you do all you can to keep warm when you’re indoors as well as out. Cold homes can have a damaging impact on people’s health, especially the elderly. People with long term health conditions such as asthma or lung and heart conditions can be particularly vulnerable while the winter months can add to the risk of strokes, heart attacks, pneumonia and depression. Fortunately, there are a number of precautions to take to keep your house warm without spending too much money.


Electric Blanket

It is imperative that you use an electric blanket as safely possible. Domestic care agencies such as Extra Care at Home help the elderly out with their morning and evening routines and will be able to ensure products like electric blankets have sufficiently warmed up a bed while remaining safe.


Hot Water Bottles

A slightly less effective, but safer option than an electric blanket is the hot water bottle. Hot water bottles will concentrate their heat on the desired area of the bed depending on where you place it under the mattress.



Heating Options

There are certain financial helping hands available to those who struggle to afford heating during the colder months of the year. Winter Fuel Payments and Cold Weather Payments are grants available to those who most need them. If you were born before 5th July 1952, a Winter Fuel Payment of between £100 and £300 is available to you. If temperatures plummet to 0C or below in your local area over seven days in a row and you receive certain benefits you may be eligible for Cold Weather Payments of £25 for each period of seven days. For more information on how to reduce your energy bills this winter visit the Energy Saving Trust website.



Wrapping up well is the best and potentially cheapest way to beat the winter chills. Investing in thermal wear such as vests, long johns and other under garments can go a long way to blocking out the cold air.



Eat Well

Eating hot, hearty meals often is a good way to add fuel to powering up your body temperature. As always, it is also especially important to get plenty of vitamins through eating lots of vegetables and fruit.


Double Glazing Windows

These are not cheap in the first instance but, along with loft insulation, will vastly improve the amount of heat you need to warm up your home. Just make sure you shop around to get the best deal as prices can vary dramatically.


Draft Excluders

To keep warmth in the individual rooms draft excluders can work wonders to prevent heat escaping under doors. However, it is important that these long and weighty items scattered on the floor do not become a tripping hazard.






* In collaboration with the Energy Saving Trust.


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