When I first started vlogging, all those many months ago (five-ish to not be precise), I used my iPhone to record footage. It did, and still does, the trick, although I still haven’t mastered the whole ‘keeping your hand straight’ trick when walking out and about. So consequently, it looks like I’ve got the DT’s because I shake so much. Not the professional look I was going for.


I soon realised that I wanted to invest in a decent camera if I was to take vlogging seriously, although I should point out that I don’t think it’s a necessity per se, it’s just that for me, I felt it was important.


So I invested in a Panasonic Lumix FX200 and it’s great. If you want to put it on your tripod at home and never move it that is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not massive, but it sure is hefty and quite frankly, I have enough stuff in my handbag.


I felt as if I wanted an ‘in-between’ camera. Something that was small enough for my handbag, something that stopped me from draining the battery on my iPhone all the time and something pretty (of course.)


I did a little research and looked around at what digital compact cameras were on the market and quickly realized that you didn’t really have to spend a lot to get something decent.


I plumped for this … a Nikon Coolpix L29 – and at £45 I don’t expect it to be an all singing and all dancing camera, but it does everything I want it to (for now at least.) It has a digital display on the back, 5x optical zoom and a 16.1 megapixel CCD sensor.


red coolpix




Most importantly, it’s in a pretty red colour!!!  🙂


I took it away with me on my short trip to Yorkshire this week and it’ll be interesting to see what the footage is like from it. I also bought a Gorillapod to go with it (see the pic above) … you know those mini tripods with the bendy arms, although I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with that just yet!


All in all, it’s just a different way of vlogging for me and I think anything that makes recording easier is fine by me!


I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve had more of a play with the camera because knowing me, I’ll only end up turning it on and pressing record, when I know it can probably do a lot more than that!


What is your favourite way to vlog?




* This was a collaborated post.



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  1. The Gorilla pod has been amazing for me, small enough to shove in a tiny shoulder bag on holiday, on hand to take photos of the skyline in Geneva at night, balanced on a bridge in London to take night photos, wrapped around a tree for a picture of hubs and I on timer, our very first photo together back when we first met. I would say if using it anywhere precarious to keep the wrist strap on your wrist still, don’t put all faith in it! And night time photos come out best if you use the timer as pressing the shutter leaves a slight wobble on the tripod for a second making them blurry.

    1. See … I didn’t even know it had a timer!!! Lol … I really will do my research! But thanks for the tips … I really do want to just take more and more photos and this little camera could be the answer! (Although I’m not heading off to Geneva any time soon!)

    1. Well I always think you should spend as much as you can afford – if I had more money, I’d have totally spent more lol! I wanted a point and shoot with a screen that flipped round so I could see myself – but that was another £100!

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