So the day finally arrived for our little mini adventure.  Woman flu hit me hard last night and I got zero sleep, coupled with the clocks going back an hour … well, suffice to say, it wasn’t a pretty sight this morning.


The plan was to head off at 7am but I was, of course, still in bed by then.  A detour to McDonalds, the petrol station (and back home again for something we inevitably forgot) … and we were finally on our way!


I’ve only ever driven ‘up north’ once, and that was to Manchester, but I’d checked the route out and figured we would go the M1/A1 route as opposed to the M11 (roadwork hell) and we had a clear run!  We stopped at Cambridge briefly (wee/coffee) and, other than a little ahem … loop around Leeds city centre, it only took approx 4 hours to get there.


Anyway, I thought I’d make a little video each day whilst we’re travelling to give you a little taste of what we’re up to.  Today involves our journey to Leeds, lunch with my niece, and me suffering from woman-flu – a heady mix I think you’ll agree.


Tomorrow’s adventure takes us to Blackburn and York. In the meantime, I’ve just finishing eating what we ordered from room service (brownies and cheese!) and Dexter is fast asleep – first bit of peace and quiet I’ve had all day 🙂







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