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As you know, the idea of relocating to Yorkshire has been going round and round my head for a few months now (read about that more here and here.)  I figured the best way to find out if we like Yorkshire was to actually visit!  Yep, we’ve never actually been.  Minor point.


Part of my heritage is actually based in Huddersfield – my Nan was born there (ended up running a fish and chip shop in fact!) – and coincidentally, my beautiful (and extremely smart niece) Vicki is now based in Huddersfield studying.


I wanted to get Dexter excited about the prospect of moving so figured that a road trip was most definitely in order.  That boy gets VERY excited about motorway services and hotel buffet breakfasts (easily pleased thankfully) and so it was didn’t take much to get him on board.


The trouble was, as much as I love my beloved car (aka Blue Lightning) I wasn’t sure whether it would get us all the way to Yorkshire – it’s on its last legs and although it has got me to Bournemouth to see Ben before, I didn’t want to risk it breaking down in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales.  So I got in touch with the guys at Kia – you may remember we’d worked together before a couple of times – and asked if they could help a blogger out.


They only came up trumps!  They’ve loaned me a Kia Soul for a week and helped up with some of the hotel costs – awesome!


kia soul


I couldn’t be more grateful.  Seriously, take a look at my current car and tell me you think that would have made the five hour drive!


Anyway, a massive thank you to Kia (and the lovely PR of course!) because we are off tomorrow morning!  Typically, I’ve managed to get a cold today (Saturday) and feel dreadful, but I’m hoping that the excitement of actually having a cup holder and sat nav in the car will carry me through.


Another bonus of my Yorkshire road trip is that I get to see some of my blogging friends!  The plan is that after having lunch with my niece tomorrow, I’m meeting up with the lovely Laura from Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy.  She’s taking me to a ham shop.  I just hope they sell beer too!  (They’re a funny lot, those Northerners.)  On Monday, we’re driving across to Blackburn to meet up with Nickie (Typecast) … and we are going to get our vlogging collab on!  We’re staying in York that evening and meeting up with my Twitter friend Sue, so will drive to York on Monday afternoon/evening in the hope that we can have an afternoon tea together.  The final leg of our journey is going to review a hotel in Scarborough (Ox Pasture Hall) on Tuesday.




Anyway, it’s our first time going to Yorkshire so I don’t really know what to expect.  I’m taking my passport just in case.  I’m hoping for friendly people, above freezing temperatures  and good food – then I’ll be quite happy.


I will, of course, blog and vlog my journey so look out for photos of me getting lost, getting annoyed and, hopefully, getting tipsy on Yorkshire beer.







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