Mummy Halloween


I’ve written about Halloween a couple of times on this blog before. Remember that time I left a pumpkin in the boot of the car and kinda forgot about it? That was nice. Poor car has never been the same since.


Well Halloween is a holiday that, for some reason, Dexter absolutely loves. I mean really LOVES! It’s definitely the trick or treating aspect … the thought of all those sweets for free. But the funny thing is, when I haven’t, shall we say, particularly been in the mood for knocking on strangers’ doors and asking for free stuff, I’ve offered to just go and buy him sweets from the shop – but he categorically refuses! Says I’m completely missing the point. Which I am of course.


His enthusiasm is infectious and so now, instead of offering to buy him sweets, I buy him a Halloween costume and we go trick or treating – only to a few neighbours that know us mind you (the nice ones!) – and so I’ve done my bit, Dexter’s happy and because the neighbours know him, they don’t mind too much.


However, this year, we have a little problem. Dexter, aka The BFG, is so huge (for his age) that I can’t find any costume to fit him! So, rather than fork out for an adult costume, I thought I’d make a costume this year.


Second problem. Suffice to say, I’m no Earth Mother. I’m not crafty in any way, shape or form and the idea of actually making a costume fills me with dread. Trust me, if you’d seen the Easter bonnet I made him when he was five years old, you’d understand where I was coming from. Hideous.  We’re both still haunted by that.


So that leads me nicely onto a Halloween competition that Pink Lining are running. For those of you don’t know who Pink Lining are, they are an award winning family lifestyle company specialising in the mother and baby market – think designer baby changing bags, children’s bags, nursery ranges … and lots more. Anyway, head over and take a look.


So, this Halloween, Pink Lining are on the look out for inexpensive homemade costumes … we’re talking sheet ghosts, toilet paper mummies and sock octopi! This is THE perfect competition for me!


I thought we’d do a dry run for Halloween and this is what I managed to come up with … genius, no?!  (Unless it rains of course.)


Mummy Halloween


OK, so it was a little slapdash … like I said, I’m not good at this sort of thing, BUT … you can see how good it would look if you did it!



How to enter:  If you’d also like to take part in this competition, head over to the Pink Lining competition page, leave your details and upload a photo – simple as that.


The prize:   There are two wheelie good prizes up for grabs … you could win one of two wheelie cases! (See what I did there.)


Good luck!






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