So you know how WitWitWoo is predominantly a cheery, fun, kinda frivolous place to be?  Well it’s specifically designed that way because there is enough misery in the world in my humble opinion, and I want my blog to be a place where you can come and have fun. Smile. Nod along a bit. Basically, just somewhere lighthearted to visit.


Having said that, what my blog also is is a true life account of me and, occasionally, my boys – what my life is like, the things I get up to, my dating woes, my occasional jaunts abroad – I want it to be a true(ish) reflection of me.  But sometimes, blog/vlog subjects pop into my head that I need to deal with head on … and they’re not always pretty.


Trust me, I look FAR from pretty in this video.  (Below.)


Just as a little background before you watch this video, I start out talking about how sad I was to hear about Lynda Bellingham’s passing but the video unexpectedly took a turn fairly early on and, well, I cried.  A LOT.  It’s not pretty.  But that’s OK, because real life ISN’T pretty is it?  Real life is about loss as well as laughter and I hope that by posting this today, people who are perhaps in a similar position to me will realise that all that crap you hold on to day-to-day, those feelings that bubble under the surface because you’re too ‘brave’ to let them out, or you feel it’s a sign of weakness …. it’s not.  It’s OK to cry.  Crying is nature’s way of letting all the shit out and I think we, especially as strong women, need to recognise that it’s not good to hold onto that stuff.


I’m the world’s worst person for asking for help, or for telling a friend I’m sad and would they mind awfully if I just cried a bit.  I never do that (it would be kinda weird), but I wish we did do it more.  You know, just took time to be sad, to miss someone, to recognise that life is never the same – because we, as adults, understand that life goes on, but it’s OK to miss how life once was.


I’m rambling, probably still got mascara in my eyes, so I’ll just finish this post by saying how much I love my Mum.  She was awesome and I miss her every single day.  If you still have your Mum in your life, give her a hug from me.


PS – As for the photo above, you might be able to tell, but Mum is the gorgeous blonde lady standing up, her Mum is sitting down on the left and there’s an Aunt, an Uncle, a brother and even me in this picture too – fab isn’t it?




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  1. Ah, hugs, sorry to hear about your loss. It must be unbearable to lose your Mum no matter how it happens, and obviously that pain never goes away. Wish mine was nearer so I could hug her. That’s probably the wrong thing to say, as I’m sure you wish yours was near to hug too. Sorry 🙁

    1. Aww don’t be sorry … I bet you must miss your Mum too. I never get jealous that friends still have their Mums, I just want to tell them all to hug them extra tight whilst they have them, that’s all 🙂 x

  2. This is such a real video – as with all of yours Kate. I thank my lucky stars that my Mum is with me still after two boughts of breast cancer and not taking her chemo treatment. I will give her an extra hug from you. So much love to you. Found it particularly poignant that your sign-off had the OXO word in there 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Vic – your Mum sounds like an amazingly strong woman. And I hadn’t realised about the OXO thing … how funny! I was obviously meant to write this blog post 🙂 x

  3. Oh, Kate! *wipes tears* Good on you posting that & i know its naff, but im sending internet hugs xx
    My grandma died at the end of last year, and i feel like it absolutely broke me – i was much closer to her than i ever have been my mum (she lives overseas) x

  4. Oh Kate – it’s not like you to be so emotional hence you had me crying! It’s good to let it out and shows you are a kind and empathetic human being that this has touched you so deeply. Sending a big fat hug and I’m going to call my mum now as she’s 80 next year and we take having them around for granted x

  5. How brave of you to post this. I couldn’t watch it all for a variety of reasons. I was at work firstly, and secondly…. well, I just couldn’t.
    Much love to you, lots of hugs.

  6. Wow. Now THAT’S a post. I can’t imagine how I’ll be when I lose a parent but, like you, of course it will never leave me. I guess you just learn to live with it. And crying is good. Never bottle those tears up x

  7. Oh Kate, I’m crying and I just want to give you a cuddle. Thank you for posting this. I’m going to hug my mum tomorrow morning – I probably don’t do it enough. Sorry – that’s probably not the right thing to say, but I don’t know what is. Other than that you are right about the support – we are here XX

    1. Thanks Kiran … I feel kinda bad I’ve upset everyone lol! And as for the ‘right’ thing to say, just saying something is nice. People are really weird about death … it’s SO taboo that the people that are left behind end up feeling bad for ever talking about their lost loved ones. We’re just all so British about it all 🙂 Thanks for commenting, and don’t forget that extra hug for your Mum! x

  8. Lost my Mum to a heart attack without warning, she was 51. If she walked through my front door tomorrow morning and said ‘fooled you!’ I wouldn’t be the least surprised. Nothing prepares you for it and you never get over it. And I couldn’t possibly do a video about her, I would be an utterly blithering (word?) mess. Well done you, sending hugs. Hope we have nice dreams about our Mums tonight x

      1. 51 was a bit of a shocker, and out of a clear blue sky too. Thank you for your kindness, and sorry to hear aoout your loss too x (Better out than in – oh yes!)

  9. Oh Kate, I’m a bit of a phantom reader of your blog, as in a read it a lot but don’t often comment (sorry!) but I just couldn’t not say something after watching that video.
    I can really relate to this, it can hit you sideways when something comes up in life or in the media that reminds you of the loss of your mum. It happens to me a lot, especially when I’m least expecting it. The tears you shed were so familiar to me that I couldn’t help but cry with you.
    You’re so brave for talking about it and I want to give you a big hug xx

    1. Oh I do love a lurker lol! Sorry I made you cry … it wasn’t my intention to upset anyone (which is what I’ve done!), but it’s done now. You’re right – these feelings just come out of nowhere sometimes x

  10. Oh Kate, sending you massive virtual hugs. One of my biggest fears (after losing my husband and kids) is losing my parents, but I know we’re getting closer to that horrible day, they’re both in their late 60s now and it freaks me out. I write a lot about them on my blog, about what they mean to me and I tell them all the time too. I love my blog for that – in the same way I write for my girls in case anything ever happens to me, then they’ll know who I am, and what they mean to me. I’m going to share this with a good friend who lost her mum as I think it will help her. Lots of love, S xx

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