I found myself in my local Lush store at the weekend (Bluewater, Kent).  It’s a shop I often pass by but never go in … not because I don’t like their products, on the contrary, but I just never have spare cash for luxuries like that.  However, this time I decided I’d at least go in to have a look around and maybe treat myself to a little something.


I thought Dexter would hate it to be honest (he’s a ten-year-old boy after all,) but he found it really interesting.  It’s such an unusual shop with lots of interesting products to look at and try out that he was fascinated and amazingly, not at all bored.


Anyway, we had a look round and saw some special Halloween and Christmas products we liked:


I think these are meant to be Christmas hedgehogs!




 These smelt AMAZING!





More pink gorgeousness!





Surprisingly, this is the one Dexter chose!





These snowmen might look a little … odd, but you have to admit, they’re kinda cute.  In a weird way!





 Who wouldn’t want a sparkly pumpkin bubble bar?!





The Lord of Misrule!  This is the one I just couldn’t resist!





OMG these Holly Golightly bubble bars are SO pretty!  I want them all!





Check out what happened when I put a bath bomb in the bath!  (video below)  The funny thing was, I couldn’t get Dexter out of the bath and 48 minutes later, he was still in there telling him how soft his skin was and how he was refusing to get out.  Although the bath water turned red with the bath bomb, it didn’t stain the bath at all and rinsed out as normal.  They’re not a bad price, although they’re not an everyday bubble bath, but perhaps a weekend treat.


We absolutely loved it and I’ve finally popped my Lush cherry!





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