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Firstly, this ISN’T a sponsored post.  So don’t zone out.


I have the most amazing brown, faux fur coat from M&S that I was given a couple of years ago that I adore.  There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up in a soft, warm coat when it’s cold and rainy outside.  However, this coat is just TOO warm when the weather is still ‘on the turn’ … that period in between Autumn and Winter.  And so I’ve been on the look-out for something to see me through this season.


The places I shop are limited because I’m a plus size woman and so even though I might like an on-trend trench coat in Miss Selfridge, I am NEVER going to fit into it! Having said that, I have come across a few coats recently that I think are lovely, that are within my budget (under £100) and that are available across the UK.  See what you think ….


This first one is from Marks & Spencer, goes up to at least a size 22 (that was the biggest size in my store) and is approximately £90.  This one I saw is in navy blue and has a zip all the way down the front, zips on the pockets and a round, collarless neck.  The material is wool with a slight ‘bobbly’ effect on it.



winter coat


Another coat from M&S (they really are on it this year!) … this time, in a bright red colour – almost a biker style woollen coat.  Again, circa £90.






OK, so yes, I’m at the supermarket again.  I just think TU for Sainsburys do some great stuff (if you look carefully enough) and this coat is no exception.  Plus, they are invariably a lot cheaper than M&S.  Again, picking up on the biker style trend, this is in a cream and grey colour and also goes up to a size 22.  Unfortunately, because it’s a popular store, they don’t often have my size in (they didn’t when I took this photo) so I may check back with them to see if they’ve now got it in stock.  Can’t remember the price I’m afraid but I would say approximately £50.






And finally (for now anyway!) another coat from TU at Sainsburys.  This is in a bright yellow/mustard colour that I think I could carry off (although it may clash horribly with my hair!) … and is £40 – a great price.  It’s in the bobbly woollen material again and I’d worry that it might be prone to snagging but you’d get at least one season’s worth out of it.





I hope you like them … I’m still undecided which one to go for, although I’m leaning towards the grey TU one, primarily down to budget I’m afraid!  I’ll let you know what one I decide to go for.


I would love to know what type of coat you wear during this weird time of the year?  Are you an anorak kinda gal, or are you going straight for the faux fur?


Let me know!





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  1. I love the red the most, but on a budget, I’d probably go for the grey Tu one!
    I’ve a ‘bobbled look’ black jacket & the bobble just annoys me & makes me feel un-kept. Just FYI! J x

  2. Ooh they are lush, I think the TU one and the second Marks and Sparks number . I think a lot of their coats are in the sale at the moment too, so you may as well treat yourself to two right?

  3. I love the red M&S one and the grey one from TU.
    I’m lusting after a Joules tweed although will probably get a Parka from Dorothy Perkins as I tried one on around 2 or 3 years ago and regret not buying it! x

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