Vlogging Tips


I wrote about vlogging confidence last week and I think the video was well received.  After all, I don’t write (or vlog) as someone who’s done this for years, so I’m no expert, but when I started vlogging I think I would have benefited from watching someone talk about how they started, the things they struggled with etc … but unfortunately, there wasn’t really anyone online I could relate to.  I therefore hope these ‘vlogging tips’ videos go some way to helping people who are just starting out on their vlogging journey.


(Sorry, that’s sounds awfully twatty … but you know what I mean.)


This week, I’m talking about ‘What should you vlog about’?  I struggle with this one.  Sometimes I’m full of ideas …that I normally promptly forget.  Other times, I try and force an idea that just never quite materialises.  And other times, I just film bits of footage when I’m out and about, stick it all together and voila, a semi-decent video!  Chuck some music on, put a few pictures in here and there and bingo, a vlog for the week.


Like most things in life, sometimes it comes easy, sometimes it comes … well, not so easy.


I hope this video gives you a few ideas of what to vlog about and, perhaps more importantly, it gives you confidence knowing that the mundane can be fascinating to your viewers!





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